Two-toed Sloth

Where in the world?

Tropical rain forests of South America.


Animal Facts:

Two-toed Sloths get their name from the two giant claws on their front paws that can grow as long as three inches and are perfect for climbing and hanging from trees.

Two-toed Sloths are solitary animals that spend most of their lives high up in the trees. They only venture to the ground to change trees, locate new food sources, or about once a week to go potty. Although they are nearly immobile on the ground, they are very competent swimmers.

The most common resting position for the sloth is curled up in the branches of a tree where they can resemble a termite nest or a knot in the wood. This, and the green color of their fur, provides great protection from predators.

Sloths are nocturnal, sleeping during the day and waking at night to eat berries, leaves, small twigs and fruits. They get water by lapping dew off of their food.


Did you know?

Two-toed sloths eat, sleep and even give birth upside down. Because of this posture, their internal organs have re-positioned over time and their hair is actually parted along their stomach and grows towards their back.


  1. Jay Malcuit

    My fiancé’s birthday is on the 24th and her only wish is to pet a sloth. . We were there awhile back and the employee we spoke with said that it’s a big potential that we might be able to. I just wanted to check in and see where that stood?

    • Tanner

      I got to pet her last week but I would wait a little while. They are working to get her schedule turned around and they’re also working with her to be held. Currently she is only awake around the 10 am slot and she cannot be moved. However, you can feed and pet her.

    • Dawn

      Is this Sloth at the Woodbridge NJ location?

    • Amber

      Sloths are solitary creatures. Why is anyone allowed to touch her?? That seems like animal cruelty

  2. Malissa

    Is the sloth at the Ft Worth location?

  3. Eddie Lane

    My daughter will lose her mind! How can I make it so she meets the sloth? Please let me know it would make her the happiest!

  4. Teri Reil

    My sons birthday is july 31st will she available to pet in denver? He loves sloths so much, actually we all do please let me no if you have a sloth at the Colorado location and if we can pet or feed her? Thank you so much

  5. Mary

    I would LOVE to take my girls to meet the sloth in Fort Worth. How can I schedule that. Time does not matter.

  6. Ben franklin

    THIS IS DISGUSTING. These animals deserve proper, professional places to live – NOT A MALL

    • Amber

      Sloths are solitary creatures. Why is anyone allowed to touch them? That is animal cruelty

  7. Justin Hayes

    I am very excited to come see this sloth.I will be there Monday to pet it

  8. Gamer

    I love the sloth!! I was there for my birthday!! I was amazed!!


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December 6, 2018