Veiled Chameleon

Where in the world?

Dry plateaus of the Arabian Peninsula.


Animal Facts:

Veiled Chameleons will eat a wide variety of insects and arachnids. They will occasionally eat plant matter to obtain moisture.

Veiled Chameleons have a limited ability to change colors. Color change can be affected by mood, temperature, food availability, amount of sunlight and the presence or absence of other chameleons and predators.

The eyes of chameleons move independently to watch for predators and prey in multiple directions at once. Converging on prey, both eyes give the lizard binocular vision and accurate depth perception.


Did you know?

The purpose of the crest on the Veiled Chameleon’s head, known as a casque, is not fully known. It may help the chameleon obtain water, since moisture that collects on the casque is channeled to its mouth.

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November 27, 2018