White-spotted Bamboo Shark

Where in the world?

Shallow water and coral reefs of the Indian Ocean and West Pacific ocean.


Animal Facts:

White-spotted Bamboo Sharks can grow up to 3 feet in length, and live up to 25 years.

The main components of their diet are small bony fishes and crustaceans. Their small teeth bend backward when biting hard prey to protect the tip of the tooth and provide a crushing surface.

These bottom-dwelling sharks use their fins like legs to crawl around on the ocean floor as they search for food that may be hiding on the sandy bottom.

Did you know?

Most sharks and rays possess electroreceptors, organs that can sense electricity. These organs, called ampullae of Lorenzini, consist of a network of jelly-filled pores, often concentrated on the nose and around the mouth.

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Posted on

November 13, 2018