Wood Duck

Where in the world?

Water and forest habitats on the Southeast and Pacific Coasts, east of the Rocky Mountains, and throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Animal Facts:

Known as one of the most colorful North American waterfowl, the male Wood Duck has distinctive multicolored iridescent plumage and red eyes, with a distinctive white flare down the neck. Female Wood Ducks are less colorful and have a white eye-ring and a whitish throat. Both adults have crested heads.

Juveniles Wood Ducks eat a lot of invertebrates and occasionally a small fish. Adult Wood Ducks focus on eating primarily seeds, nuts, and plant matter, but will also eat aquatic and land invertebrates.

Adult Wood Ducks reach, on average, 19 to 21 inches in length with a wingspan of between 26 to 29 inches.


Did you know?

A flying group of ducks is called a kein, string, or team, but on the water they’re called a bunch, paddling, or raft.



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July 31, 2019