Where in the world?

Tropical Waters of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific  Oceans.


Animal Facts:

The wrasses are a brightly colored family of marine fish.  There are more than 600 species of diverse fish in the wrasse family.  They are typically small fish, most of them less than 8 inches long.  Males and females of the same species differ in appearance.

One of the smallest members of the wrasse family is the Cleaner Wrasse, which is best known for its symbiotic relationships with other fish.  These wrasses will eat parasites from the mouths and gills of other fish and even larger predators.

As carnivores, wrasses feed on a wide range of small invertebrates such a shrimps, crabs, and corals.  Many small wrasse species follow larger fish as they swim along the bottom of the ocean, picking up invertebrates disturbed by their passing.

Did you know?

Even though most wrasse are smaller than 8 inches, the largest wrasse is the Humphead Wrasse which can measure more than 8 feet!



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August 1, 2019