Ensuring Happy & Healthy Environments


Every day we prepare balanced meals, catering to the taste & nutritional needs of 1,500 species of invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds & mammals. The species-specific diets have been designed by certified veterinarians & include seafood, fresh fruits & vegetables & live foods such as insects & planktonic animals cultured on site.

Health Care

The health & protection of our animals is of utmost importance. Our animal care team & veterinarians work side-by-side regularly monitoring our animals to ensure each animal is in good health. We require that all our employees follow our policies which are in full alignment with the policies of OSHA, local animal control & the veterinarian protocol for the protection and care of all of our creatures.


Many of the animals have been trained to participate in their own healthcare. By learning behaviors like “step up” & “present” the animals are not only more comfortable with regular examinations, but it makes the exam safer for both the animal & the veterinarian. Providing our veterinarians with safe, immediate access to an animal is one of the most important aspects of training.


Clean, comfortable, naturalistic habitats round out animal care. A computerized life-support system controls temperature, salinity, filtration & other parameters, guaranteeing animals’ specific need are met, from chilled saltwater to tropical freshwater environments. Our team members clean all exhibits & habitats daily with weekly deep cleanings done as well. All of the cleaning products used are safe for animals & approved for use by our veterinarians.

Specialized Team Members

Our animal care teams are filled with trained professionals, many of which hold degrees in biology, zoology & marine biology. We’ve also gone beyond standard requirements by giving on-going specialized training to all members of our staff. Our teams work closely with veterinarian & local officials as well to ensure our animals needs are always met & even exceeded.

Know Before You Go

SeaQuest offers different ticket packages, or as we call them, Passports! You can purchase Daily or Annual Passports online or at any SeaQuest site near you. Passports are interchangeable with all locations.

Our animal friends at SeaQuest eat a carefully monitored diet, but usually leave room for dessert! That’s where YOU come in. When you arrive, you’ll have the option to buy feeding tokens. Once you’ve got the goods, a staff member will assist you in sharing your snacks with the right animals. This ensures everyone gets their favorite.

These quantities have been set to protect the animals from over-feeding. We all love dessert, but too much can be harmful to our animals health. We appreciate your understanding & care.

No, at SeaQuest you’ll see animals from land & sea. SeaQuest is home to over 1,200 animals of 300 different species! Each SeaQuest location has different animals that may change from time to time. Expect to see stingrays, sharks, turtles, snakes, lizards & birds.

Be prepared for some bird poop & some splashing! Most of our facilities have aviaries or bird homes. So be warned, the birds might sit on your head! And since you can touch fish, stingrays, sharks & other sea animals at SeaQuest, you may get wet from some splashing!

  • Listen to the SeaQuest team members for instructions.
  • Use two-finger touch to pet the neck down the animals backs.
  • Be patient with the animals’ schedules. All of our mammals have access to  their own private space away from guests. If an animal is not visible, they are probably enjoying a nice quiet nap!
  • Remember that SeaQuest is the home of our animals. We are all guests in their home; they appreciate our respect & curiosity!