Las Vegas will gain an indoor/outdoor attraction this year when the new SeaQuest  opens in Las Vegas in the Boulevard Mall.  Family entertainment will be a primary focus of the aquarium, with hands-on exhibits ranging from aviaries to shark and stingray touch exhibits. For a limited time, annual pass sales are discounted for a limited time at

Las Vegas, NV (May 25, 2016) Shane Shimada, owner and operator of SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, has partnered with The Boulevard Mall to bring this interactive experience to families and visitors of Las Vegas.  “Being a resident and raising my family in Las Vegas we excited to bring this fun educational aquarium, where people can go escape the heat, which brings families and the community together”.

Mall Owner Roland Sansone stated, “When we purchased this mall, our vision was to create a family entertainment destination.  This interactive aquarium will be a tremendous asset as we continue to turn that vision into reality.”

SeaQuest brings to The Boulevard Mall the majestic wonders of our planet, ranging from rainforests and deserts to exotic marine life. Themed exhibits create an exciting quest for visitors as they make their way through the California Coast to the Amazon River. Guests are invited to connect with animals and their eco-systems through various hands-on activities which include hand feeding sharks, stingrays, birds and tropical animals. Anyone in search of a more daring experience can enjoy walk-in aviaries or snorkeling in the premier 45,000 gallon exhibit filled with reef sharks, stingrays and hundreds of tropical fish.


Sea Quest Interactive Aquarium is an ideal venue for school field trips, birthday parties, and private events. For more information visit


The aquarium will be open 7 days a week.  For other questions or information, please contact


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