The wildest and most epic adventure of your life! 

It’s the ultimate of the ultimate at SeaQuest: an epic journey through five continents! This land and sea adventure will take you on a guided tour, where you’ll touch, interact with, and hand-feed exotic animals from across the planet.

Spend some quality time with your new wildlife pals by participating in a variety of different animal encounters. You can hang out in the parakeet aviary, visit with iguanas and turtles, or dip your hands into the ray tank! Don’t worry, our little rays don’t bite, but they sure do love food treats!

You’ll even get a chance to face your fears – are you ready to pet a snake or hold a tarantula? On this epic quest, you’ll can do just that! Don’t forget to take a ton of selfies and share them with your friends, you’ll be able to say “I Survived EpicQuest!” with pride.


Customize an EpicQuest to fit your Interests!

You can decide how to allocate the time in your three-hour Quest. Your booking price covers groups of 1-8 people
(For groups of more than 8 people, please call (801) 544-4938)


Your EpicQuest Experience Includes: 

  • Experience a variety of our Premium Animals
  • Meet & Greet with exotic animals from five continents
  • Unlimited hand-feeding at each Exhibit
  • Behind-the-scenes private access experience
  • $499 on weekdays for groups of one to eight people, $79.99 for each additional person above eight.
  • $699 on weekends, $79.99 for each additional person above eight.


Kids at SeaQuest Layton Utah