Bring the wonder of SeaQuest to your next event!

SeaQuest is excited to offer this educational outreach program featuring some of the most unique animals worldwide! This program is designed to present to guests of all ages a hands-on learning experience, up close and personal, with a few of the most amazing creatures at SeaQuest! SeaQuest’s Animal Outreach program is available for a wide range of organizations, including schools, libraries, daycares, corporate retreats, or any other organization that would like a fun and one-of-a-kind educational group experience! 


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During this extraordinary presentation, audience members will see, touch and experience several different animal species. This program was created to highlight and educate the public about our planet’s wildlife and the tremendous conservation efforts to protect endangered species and preserve their natural habitats. SeaQuest educators will also discuss environmental awareness issues such as deforestation and climate change and our role in protecting our animal friends, including our household pets!


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Pricing Details/Info

Package One: Small Animals Program – $250

  • 3-4 small animals (ex: tarantula, hissing cockroach, ball python, vinegaroon, bearded dragon, turtle, tortoise) 
  • One Animal Whisperer 
  • 60 minutes at the location 

Package Two:  Big Exotics Program – $399

  • 5-7 animals ranging in size from small to big and exotic (ex: tegu, iguana, boa, reticulated python) 
  • Two Animal Whisperers
  • 60 minutes of education and 30 minutes for guests to get pictures. 

Please Note: our Animal Outreach program’s online sales close two weeks before the desired booking date. If online sales for your desired date have closed, please call (817) 731-5357 to request to book.