Here are some frequently asked questions about SeaQuest!

SeaQuest is the ultimate land and sea adventure and is home to the most unique and interactive experiences among all aquariums! You’ll get the chance to meet 1,200 different animals from 300 different species. Here, you’ll see more than just fish and sea creatures. Discover mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and amphibians from around the planet! This is a hands-on adventure, as visitors get to touch, feel, and feed animals from various habitats around the world. You’ll journey through the Amazon Rainforest, Caribbean, Mayan Jungle, and Pirate Island as you interact with sharks, snakes, turtles, and lizards during your quest.

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We believe that zoos and aquariums have a responsibility to take the animal’s best interests at heart, reflected in ethical and proper animal care. Seven days a week, our husbandry, wildlife, and marine teams work to provide and care for our animals with the highest of standards. These standards include everything from good health to safe housing, great nutrition, daily enrichment, and encouragement of appropriate behaviors. 


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SeaQuest believes in providing the best medical care possible, and our full-time, dedicated veterinary staff brings extensive experience working with the wide range of animal species that call SeaQuest home. Our vet techs do daily animal health & enclosure checks and work directly with the animal care teams on dietary and nutrition guidelines. 

The well-being of the animals in our care is our moral responsibility and foundational to our company vision and mission. 


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Our SeaQuest staff is trained and certified in many aspects to ensure that our animals are healthy and receive daily/weekly enrichment!  All animals are given breaks, or quiet time,  throughout the day to make sure they are living a full life of comfort and peace. Our husbandry care is top of the line, and each location has a dedicated Vet tech staff who monitor the animals and gauge their temperament and willingness to participate in interactions. Simply put, animals enjoy interactions just as much as humans!


Here’s a sneak peek into “A Day in the Life of Our Vet Staff!”

Ensuring the safety of guests during animal interactions is a cornerstone of SeaQuest’s mission, reflecting our commitment to creating an environment where educational encounters with wildlife are enlightening and secure. At SeaQuest, we understand the profound impact of direct engagement with animals on fostering appreciation and respect for the natural world. This is why we’ve established rigorous protocols and training programs to safeguard our guests and animals. 


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At SeaQuest, we care a great deal about our environment and the animals that call our planet home. A number of rescued animals have been housed at SeaQuest! Rescued from dangerous environmental situations or transitioned from owners who were unable to care for them, we have many SeaQuest friends who have found their fur-ever home with us. Learn more about our rescue animals here today!


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SeaQuest is committed to protecting our oceans and wildlife around the world. Educating guests on proactively finding solutions is our number one priority in our Quest for Conservation. 

We offer a variety of opportunities for our guests to expand their knowledge and become informed about wildlife conservation.

Here are a few ways we have encouraged guests to visit SeaQuest and join our cause to help the animals on our planet:


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Since opening our doors in 2016, SeaQuest has been educating children on the importance of conservation, preserving natural habitats, and the dietary needs of animals from around the planet. SeaQuest field trips are typically a 70-90-minute guided tour where students will have a fun, hands-on learning experience! Our guides will take students on an adventure they will remember forever.  

 SeaQuest offers a discounted rate for Title One Schools (The Federal education program that supports low-income students). We want all schools to be able to allow students the opportunity to visit and be educated about animals from around the world!

We also offer homeschool groups and small, self-guided group field trip options as well! For ideas on how to make the best of a homeschool field trip at SeaQuest — refer to our guide for Homeschooling and STEM.

SeaQuest has exotic birds, snakes, reptiles, stingrays, and a variety of land mammals from all over the planet! For a more detailed list of animal encounters you can experience – check out our Animals You Can Meet at SeaQuest blog!

There are many ways you can interact with the animals at SeaQuest. Whether it’s packages, premium encounters, or tokens, each gives you an unforgettable experience with our amazing animals.

Feeding tokens are used for feeding and interacting with our animals! Feeding tokens aren’t a required purchase, but they will elevate your experience to an exciting new level. One token equals about one cup of food. We offer various token packages and recommend purchasing at least 10-16 tokens per visit. Feeding Tokens never expire. They are good any time, any day!

Please note: SeaQuest tokens can be purchased in-store or on our website. Tokens are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. SeaQuest is not responsible for lost or stolen tokens, so please keep them secure.

Whatever the temperature may be outside, getting into tropical waters to snorkel with stingrays, sharks, and fish is an amazing experience that you will always remember!  Our tanks usually run around 70 to 76 degrees. Be prepared to get wet, and if you are lucky, you might even get some stingray kisses or get your toes explored by the guitarfish!

What You’ll Need: 

  • A swimsuit, towel, and an extra shirt just in case a wetsuit in your size isn’t available.
  • Arrive 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled time. 
  • Guests must be able to swim 100 yards. Guests who are unable to swim are allowed to snorkel with a supervising adult and must bring a life jacket.
  • Advanced reservations are required for all participants for this attraction.

What We Provide:

  • A wetsuit and snorkeling gear.
  • 30 minutes of snorkel adventure time.
  • 15 minutes pre/post snorkel to change.

In order to secure your snorkel adventure, reservations are required and should be made at least one day in advance. It’s best to arrive  30 minutes before your scheduled check-in time. 

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