How to Make the Most of Your SeaQuest Experience

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Kids pet stingrays at fish tank

The ultimate land and sea adventure, SeaQuest offers hands-on encounters that let you connect with animals and wildlife from around the globe! Journey through the Amazon Rainforest, Caribbean, Mayan Jungle, and Pirate Island as SeaQuest creates an unforgettable experience with exciting exhibits and activities for families and children of all ages. If you’re on the hunt for a new and fun way to spend quality family time together, this aquarium & zoo attraction might be just what you’re looking for. Whether exploring the world’s continents or learning all about wildlife and the ocean, we’ve got you covered here at SeaQuest!

Is There a SeaQuest Near Me? 

Embark on your Quest of excitement and wonder at one of our ten locations nationwide:

  • SeaQuest Folsom, California
  • SeaQuest Ft. Worth, Texas
  • SeaQuest Las Vegas, Nevada
  • SeaQuest Layton, Utah
  • SeaQuest Lynchburg, Virginia
  • SeaQuest Roseville, Minnesota
  • SeaQuest Woodbridge, New Jersey

What Should You Expect from Your Visit to SeaQuest?

Family and friends will arrive and be greeted by one of our Animal Whisperers. They will guide you through various options for the enhanced interactions available on-site. You’ll then navigate the different ecosystems, connecting and learning through hands-on activities and encounters. Generally, guests can spend up to three hours on the whole adventure! With so much to see and do, SeaQuest gives all visitors an up close and memorable quest.

What Kind of Interactions Does SeaQuest Offer?

SeaQuest is home to a variety of spectacular land and ocean wildlife. Our tanks showcase incredible species like the blacktip reef shark, caiman alligator, African clawed frog, reticulated python, and so much more! You can even snorkel with stingrays, which is a fan-favorite attraction, available year-round. We provide everything you need, from the wetsuit to snorkeling gear and fish of all sizes. So come prepared to make a splash and have fun!

Visiting the birds in our aviary is a truly magical experience. With their beautiful calls and impressive flying skills, you can observe the variety of birds flutter around you, a sight your whole family will enjoy. You can also feed the lovable feathered creatures; they are always looking to make new friends… at least friends with a handful of birdseed treats! Capybaras, Sloths, Asian Otters, and Porcupines are just a few mammal species that call SeaQuest home!

SeaQuest offers several exciting animal encounters, but it’s recommended you book your tickets and reserve ahead of time. The interactions can fill up fast, and you’ll want to secure a spot before you arrive. Our Interaction Specialist team is available online or via phone to assist with advanced reservations for any of the animal encounters you are interested in.

Where Can I Find Pricing and Purchase Tickets? 

Ready to book your SeaQuest exploration? Time to set out on an adventure by visiting the website to find location hours, information, and ticket pricing. Here are a few options you’ll see available when you shop the online store:

  • SeaQuest Annual Pass: Yearly admission for one great price.
  • SeaQuest E-Gift Cards:  A perfect gift for your animal-loving family member.
  • Feeding Token Bundles: These allow you to feed the animals all day; they won’t mind!
  • General Admission Tickets: Available for Adults, Children, and Seniors.


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Cool Things To Do With Kids At SeaQuest

Exploring all the world’s ecosystems is a grand adventure at SeaQuest! You can do more than just look at the animals, you get up close and personal! From snorkeling with stingrays to interacting with lorikeets and parakeets, there are plenty of chances to get hands-on time with various land and sea creatures at SeaQuest.

A scavenger hunt is one of the most fun things you can do during your visit. With a great list of animals and sights to see, the family is guaranteed to be kept on their toes as you explore SeaQuest. Are you unsure of what you can search for on your scavenger hunt? Check out the list we’ve put together below, and let us know how it goes!

Family Scavenger Hunt Ideas at SeaQuest:

Challenge each family member or friend to find one of these on their journey through the continents:

  • A Multi-colored Feathered Friend
  • A Fish With a Black Stripe
  • A Large Lizard
  • An Adorable Furry Friend
  • Webbed-Footed Pal
  • An Amphibian
  • A Soft-Bodied Animal
  • A Creepy Crawler
  • A Noctural Creature
  • A Herbivore, Omnivore and Carnivore
  • Learn and Write Down 1 Fact About Conservation
  • Learn and Write Down 1 Fact About Overfishing and Shark Finning
  • Find 5 Animals that are listed as Threatened or Endangered


SeaQuest is a unique and exhilarating journey and an experience your family will treasure forever! SeaQuest is committed to protecting our world’s oceans, wildlife, and endangered animals. If you’d like to journey around the world on a jungle and ocean adventure, check out SeaQuest today! You can book a Swim with the Stingrays encounter and meet some of the friendly animals that call SeaQuest home! Stop by the following locations:  UtahLas VegasFort Worth,  SacramentoMinneapolis, LynchburgNew Jersey.

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