Rescue a Friend for Life

Rescue a Friend for Life

We have built our company based on animal and environmental preservation. At SeaQuest, we care a great deal about our environment and the animals that call it home. Each year, millions of animals enter shelters around the world. This is why SeaQuest wants to encourage you to open your heart and adopt a companion animal today! 

Pet Rescue: Adopt a Fur-ever Friend

We all love a cute puppy, but did you know that it is proven that owning a pet keeps you healthier and happier? It’s true! The unparalleled love of a pet can do more than just keep you company. There is actually scientific data that shows the physical and mental benefits to owning a fur-ever friend. Owning a pet is proven to keep you happier and healthier, so what are you waiting for?

Some of the benefits include:

  • Decreased blood pressure 
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Can reduce anxiety and chronic pain
  • Increased socialization
  • Increased activity levels
  • Decreases mood swings
  • Lower triglycerides
  • Improved immune system
  • Proven to stop children from developing allergies

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Every year over 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters nationwide, making the number of animals suffering from homelessness outnumber people five times. Most of these animals are either strays or have been surrendered by a family who could no longer maintain the pet.

Unfortunately, many of the animals that are rescued by shelters are not spayed or neutered, leading to overcrowding of shelters. Due to the overpopulation of the animals in shelters, 1.5 million are euthanized. Only one out of ten dogs born will find their forever home, but there is still hope.

Around 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year. Adopting a furry friend from your local shelter can provide a lucky pet with a forever home and potentially save their life. 

SeaQuest Supporting Animal Adoption

At SeaQuest, we firmly believe in adopting pets from your local shelter. In fact, we adopt a large number of animals housed at SeaQuest! Rescued from dangerous environmental situations or just an owner who was unable to care for them, we have many SeaQuest friends who have found their fur-ever home with us. 

Some of our SeaQuest friends that have found their home with us: 

  • Toothless the Axolotl at SeaQuest Littleton

Toothless’ previous owners rescued him from a tank where larger fish had bitten off his tail and parts of his limbs. In March 2019, Toothless joined us at SeaQuest and loves to see visitors. Meet him at SeaQuest Littleton.

  • Loki the Sulcata Tortoise at SeaQuest Folsom

Loki joined SeaQuest in 2018 from the Arizona Herpetological Society, who rescued him from a previous owner who was unable to take care of him. Loki’s shell was mutilated from lack of sunlight and diet at his first home. When the Arizona Herpetological Society took him in, they replaced the affected shell portion with fiberglass. He now enjoys napping under his heaters and UVB lights at his home in SeaQuest Folsom. 

  • Koka the Umbrella Cockatoo at SeaQuest Utah

Koka was a pet who had plucked out her feathers due to the stress of moving from home to home. In 2019, she moved into SeaQuest, Utah, where she is taken care of by SeaQuest’s bird husbandry team and consistent daily interactions. 

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SeaQuest: An Adventure Near You

SeaQuest: An Adventure Near You

An Adventure Near You

If you’re sitting around waiting for the next big moment in your life, THE WAIT IS OVER because your next adventure awaits at your local SeaQuest! 

Whether you’ve been dreaming of swimming with Southern Stingrays or Black Tip Reef Sharks, or facing your ultimate fear and holding a 14-foot Burmese Python, SeaQuest adds that dose of excitement to your life.

You can’t find these big exotic creatures in your backyard, but don’t be discouraged because your local SeaQuest is right around the corner. With thousands of guests visiting SeaQuest each year, we are here to name a few fan favorite interactions since opening our first location back in 2016. 

Hand-Feeding Sharks And Stingrays

Did you know that SeaQuest is one of the only interactive aquariums and petting zoos combined into one grand experience?

One of the best interactions people can’t stop talking about is personally hand-feeding the many friendly sharks and stingrays that call SeaQuest home. 

All you need for this fin-tastic attraction is an admission ticket and a few feeding tokens! 

Sloth Interactions

Flash is SeaQuest’s very own two-toed sloth, not to mention the most popular sloth around! When visiting SeaQuest you can’t forget to say “hi” to our friendly guy, but make sure to schedule a visiting time with your local SeaQuest as Flash can be a busy guy during the day. 

You can expect your total interaction time with Flash to be approximately 15-20 minutes. This interaction includes getting up close and personal with Flash.

You’ll be able to learn all about these unique creatures while petting, feeding and taking selfies with him! How cool is that?!

Swimming With Stingrays

Hand-feeding sharks and stingrays is cool and all but what better way to learn more about their habitat and ecosystem than by diving right into it?

That’s right. Here at SeaQuest, you can do more than hand-feed animals from around the planet, you can swim with them too! 

Snorkeling with stingrays is one of our many fan-favorite attractions that happens all year round.

We provide everything you may need; from the wetsuit, snorkeling gear and fish of all sizes. So come prepared to get wet and have fun!


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