Event Venues in Las Vegas


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You probably know by now, but Las Vegas, Nevada is home to some of the best entertainment spots in the world! With the abundance of theaters, casinos, galleries, restaurants, it’s no wonder Vegas is a target destination to host an event or party. If you’re in the event planning stage and looking for some options on great locations in Vegas, here’s a quick look at some fun and unique venues you should consider!

Prestige Banquet and Event Center

The Prestige Banquet and Event Center is a great event space for baby showers, weddings, and everything in between. It accommodates up to 180 people. The venue features an elegant setting with round tables, chandeliers, and a contemporary theme. One interesting aspect of the venue is that it’s affordable.

Señor Frog’s Las Vegas

Señor Frog’s Las Vegas is known for its huge space, which has a capacity of 3,500 individuals. You should book the space early if you’re looking for space for Christmas parties, New Year’s eve, or any big game you want to watch. It’s also a nice spot for wedding receptions, holiday parties, team functions, corporate events, and charity events.

SeaQuest Vegas

SeaQuest Vegas will ensure you create memorable experiences. It presents an exciting journey where you can interact with more than 1,200 animals. Besides hosting your birthday party, wedding, or business meeting, this venue allows you and your guests to plunge yourself into a planet of discovery. Your guests will enjoy a fantastic tour featuring deserts, rainforests, and depths of the seas.

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Diversion Amusements

For businesses and event planners looking for a unique venue in Las Vegas, Nevada, Diversion Amusements is the perfect place to be. It offers a customizable and adaptable event and meeting space. Diversion Amusements is conveniently located minutes away from McCarren Airport and the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip.

The venue has a capacity of 606 people. Besides eating, drinking, and playing games, you can enjoy the comedy shows hosted periodically.

CME Event Studio

CME Event Studio has a capacity of 50 people, making it a great choice for small meetings, workshops, and private events. It features a kitchenette, tables, chairs, hardwood bamboo floors, 14ft open exposed ceilings, and a lounge room.

Desert Pines Golf Club

Desert Pines Golf Club specializes in ensuring your school dances, wedding events, and golf tournaments are worth recalling. The venue has a capacity of 250 guests, making it suitable for special events of all sizes. Whether you’re hosting a family celebration, a holiday party, a corporate meeting, or a baby shower, the Desert Pines Golf Club offers unrivaled amenities to meet your event needs. Depending on the occasion, you can choose from the venue’s indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Hideaway Banquet and Events Hall

The Hideaway Banquet and Events Hall is a beautiful and quiet place where you can host receptions, weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties, retirement parties, and more. It has a capacity of 100 people. The venue is an intimate and affordable place that will amaze you.

Arguably, Vegas is an outstanding destination to host your event. The list of options discussed herein should make it easier for you to settle for the best venue for your upcoming event.

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