? Get your morning workout in with Yoga at SeaQuest Utah! ?

? Get your morning workout in with Yoga at SeaQuest Utah! ?


Join us at SeaQuest Utah every Thursday, starting April 18th, from 9am-10am. Tickets are just $15 per class or $50 for a monthly pass.

Tickets can be purchased in-store. There are no age restrictions but children must be with their parents at all times. Each participant must bring their own mat.

Sign up today and enjoy a one-of-a-kind yoga experience with the animals at SeaQuest!

Meet the Instructor!

Christina Johner is a unique soul who really is in tune with the world around her, and lives what she teaches. Christina has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and found that yoga has not only kept her body healthy, but her mind and spirit strong. Yoga has given her the ability to persevere through many difficult times in her life, carving her into the woman she is today. Her mission now is to share passion, helping those around her to develop that same belief in themselves.

Christina worked for 12 years in social services, while teaching group fitness and personal training on the side. She began to see that in order to be healthy you couldn’t just deal with the brain (like in social services) or the body (in the fitness industry) but they both had to be in alignment for real long term success. She realized the secret to changing lives started in how you think and feel about yourself. In 2015, Christina founded TME Health LLC as a Corporate Wellness company to help the average working adult work to improve the quality of their lives. Bringing back the simplicity of health, while creating habits for happiness. Teaching yoga is just another platform in which Christina teaches these principles.

With all of the titles that she has held, being a wife and a mother is by far her favorite. Now with a total of nine children from 3 years to 19 years old, she fills more fulfilled than ever before. “Life may seem hectic to others, but we feel our love, our talents, our gifts have just multiplied.”

SeaQuest Cares Bringing Glee at the Jubilee

SeaQuest Cares Bringing Glee at the Jubilee

Every year, the Weber School Foundation hosts the Christmas Tree Jubilee in Ogden.  The event collects donations of decorated wreaths and Christmas trees to auction off in benefit of Weber School District.

This year, through SeaQuest Cares initiatives, SeaQuest Utah decorated a tree for the Christmas Tree Jubilee which raised $300 for The Weber School Foundation.

Over 33,000 children are enrolled in the Weber School District and the Weber School Foundation helps them all!  The donations go to support field trips, all abilities playgrounds, grants for schools and teachers, literacy programs, “Leader in Me,” STEM, district art show, extracurricular clubs and athletics, special needs adaptive equipment, recreational equipment, lift systems, transportation, and much more.

SeaQuest Las Vegas Hosts 2018 Adoption Exchange Celebration

SeaQuest Las Vegas Hosts 2018 Adoption Exchange Celebration

SeaQuest Las Vegas hosted the 2018 Adoption Exchange Celebration on November 26th.  Families that adopted during 2018 were able to enjoy a memorable night filled with laughter, fun, and interactions with animals from all around the world, with a total of 226 people attending the celebration.  This was SeaQuest’s 2nd year hosting the Adoption Exchange’s event and we love helping new families create life long memories.  Just look at how much fun they had!

About The Adoption Exchange

“The Adoption Exchange is a non-profit 501(c)(3) child welfare organization that was founded in 1983 to help establish safety and permanence in the lives of foster children. Although the Exchange was initially an exchange point for caseworkers to discuss placement of children with families seeking to adopt in the Rocky Mountain region, the organization has grown considerably over the years and engenders a powerful impact on national trends in child welfare, employs over 50 paid staff, and counts on scores of volunteers to carry out its mission.

Today, The Adoption Exchange continues to innovate the adoption process by working towards creating a world where every waiting child will find a permanent family. Through rigorous collaboration with state, federal, and other relevant agencies, we focus on innovative child-specific strategies that provide vibrant pre- and post-adoption services that speed waiting children to caring and loving relationships that last.”

Learn more about The Adoption Exchange at their website, www.adoptex.org

SeaQuest Salutes All Those Who Have Served with Free Admission on Veterans Day

SeaQuest Salutes All Those Who Have Served with Free Admission on Veterans Day

SeaQuest is honored to invite all veterans and active duty personnel to visit our interactive aquariums free of charge on Veterans Day and receive 50% off Single Day Passports for their accompanying family members.

“It’s our way of saying thank you for their service and giving back to those brave men and women for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy everyday in America.”

Vince Covino, SeaQuest CEO

Designed as a ‘Quest of Edutainment’, veterans who visit SeaQuest will have the chance to explore realistically themed exhibits that represent exotic destinations around the globe and connect with a wide variety of sea life, birds and reptiles through various hands on encounters along the way. Feeding sharks and stingrays, holding large tropical birds and taking selfies with giant reptiles are just a few of the one-of-a-kind experiences that SeaQuest has to offer.

To receive the free admission on Veterans Day, retired and active duty personnel will be required to show valid military or veteran organization ID. Family members who accompany military personnel will receive 50% off Single Day Passports on Veterans Day.  Regular Single Day Passports are $14.95 for 12+ years, $12.95 for 55+/military/students, and $9.95 for children ages 2-11 years.

SeaQuest has aquariums located in Las Vegas, Nevada; Layton, Utah; Littleton, Colorado; and Fort Worth, Texas. For more details on all that SeaQuest has to offer and specific location information, visit our website at www.visitseaquest.com.

ScareQuest is here for a spook-tacular time!

ScareQuest is here for a spook-tacular time!

SeaQuest is celebrating Halloween by embracing our creepiest creatures.  Guests can participate in our “ScareQuest” activities to win Activity Tokens to give the animals their own Halloween treats.

♦ ScareQuest Schedule ♦

Wed, 24th:   “Cockroach Challenge” – Guests have to put their hand in a bucket of cockroaches for 20 seconds to earn 1 token

Thur, 25th:   Guests have to hold a Tarantula for 10 seconds to earn 1 token

Fri, 26th:   Guests can dig for a token in bucket of worms

Sat, 27th:   Costume Contests – See below for details

Sun, 28th:   “Snake Selfie” – Guests have to take a selfie with a snake to earn 1 token

Mon, 29th:   “Nectar Shot” – Guests can earn 1 token by drinking Lorikeet nectar

Tue, 30th:   “Guess the poop” – Guests can earn 1 token by guessing which poop goes to which animal

Wed, 31st:   Happy Halloween! – Wear a costume to get 50% off admission and “trick-or-treat” for an activity token

Costume Contests (Sat, 27th):

  • 10:00 a.m. – “Unnerving Newbies” 0-3 years
  • 11:00 a.m. – “Eerie Elementary” 4-11 years
  • 12:00 p.m. – “Teenage Terrors” 12-18 years

Costume contest is free for members, but does not include admission.

Note: weapons and masks will not be allowed.  However, you can use face paint for mask effects.

Grand Prize – Family Annual Passport

1st runner up – Animal Whisperer Tour for winner’s family

2nd runner up – 10 tokens

SeaQuest Proudly Hosts Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

SeaQuest Proudly Hosts Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

Recently, SeaQuest Utah had the very special privilege of hosting a free day at the aquarium for the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind. During their class visit, SeaQuest provided the students the chance to experience the sounds, smells and shapes of the many different animals in a one of a kind, hands on learning adventure. The event was covered by Utah’s own Channel 4. The video of their wonderful news story is below!

To learn more about the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind and explore donation and volunteer opportunities, visit their website at http://www.usdb.org/

Click here to view the entire news story at the good4utah.com website …


Interactive aquarium SeaQuest a ‘from the Amazon to the Sahara’ experience

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (News4Utah) – People of all ages and abilities have the chance to experience the Amazon rainforest, the ocean, and even the Sahara Desert without ever leaving the state, thanks to a Layton-based company.

It is not your typical school day for five year-old Riley and her classmates from Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind.

“I’m having a field trip, and it’s pretty fun!” she told News4Utah’s Ali Monsen.

“I see the birds… I see a chicken and a snake…” Riley’s friend Makayla said.

For these visually impaired children, ‘seeing’ requires much more than using their eyes.  With imaginations as bright as the creatures surrounding them, experiencing the sounds, smells, and shapes of every animal is how they learn.

“I have one student, who I always teach him {that} a star has five points, and so as he touched the star fish, we were able to feel the five points,” explained the students’ teacher Stephanie Petersen.

At SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, feeling is just skimming the surface.  Dive deeper into the permanent exhibit at Layton Hills Mall, and you may find yourself dipping your feet in fish-infested pedicure pools with the city mayor.

“It’s almost a tickling feeling,” Layton City Mayor Bob Stevenson laughed.

“These guys are doctor fish.  They are currently eating the dead skin off of these guys’ feet,” an animal specialist explained, pointing to Ali and Mayor Stevenson.

Mayor Stevenson says it is cultural experiences like the SeaQuest Pedicure that will keep malls relevant and competing against the e-commerce industry.

“It’s very important as the business climate changes to have these types of things to create that entertainment, educational part in the mall areas and the shopping,” Stevenson said.

But maintaining the facility is not easy.  Aquarium employees say making sure the animals are comfortable and happy keeps them busy.

“They perform water testing every day just to make sure that all the chemicals in the water create a good habitat for these guys…” SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium General Manager Shelbie Humenberger said, pointing to the stingrays.  “Feeding is a bit part of it,” she added.

Humenberger says the aquarium welcomes guests to literally immerse themselves into the environment, and sometimes that means sliding into a wetsuit and swimming with the rays.

“Every three months, we take these guys out, and give them a little bit of a manicure where we just clip their little stinger,” she said, emphasizing safety.

Humenberger says facilitating a friendly place where families can experience 1,500 creatures from every corner of the globe is what keeps SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium in business — and growing.

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