Quick Guide for your SeaQuest Visit!

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Brother and sister play in the touch tank at SeaQuest

Whether you are a first-time SeaQuest guest or a seasoned visitor, this guide will offer a comprehensive overview of all SeaQuest offers on ticket prices, animal interactions, and other unique experiences. SeaQuest offers something memorable for everyone, no matter what age you are. 

What is SeaQuest?

With over seven locations across the US, SeaQuest is one of the most unique, thrilling, and interactive attractions you’ll ever visit! The ultimate land and sea adventure, SeaQuest offers hands-on encounters that let you connect with animals and wildlife from around the globe! Whether it’s hand-feeding birds, petting reptiles, or hanging out with turtles, an unforgettable experience awaits that will create memories to last a lifetime. You can even snorkel with stingrays with your friends or family! They provide everything you need, from the wetsuit to snorkeling gear and rays of all sizes! 

What sets SeaQuest apart from any other zoo or aquarium? The number of exciting encounters allows guests to interact with animals one-on-one! Visitors are encouraged to have an up close and personal experience with a variety of species. You’ll be able to touch the animals and directly hand-feed them treats! You’ll also learn about protecting endangered animals and conserving the planet. 

How to Feed the Animals at SeaQuest

Feeding our animals snacks allows them to get the best enrichment from our Team Members and guests. Foraging for food is what animals do in the wild, and it has been a popular trend to give our household pets feeding devices to stimulate their minds more. SeaQuest animals get enrichment by foraging from the guests and giving them supplemental snacks.

Feeding tokens are used for feeding our animals or reserving a spot for an animal encounter! and interacting with our animals! Feeding tokens aren’t a required purchase, but they will elevate your experience to a whole different level. One token equals about one cup of food. We offer various token packages and recommend purchasing at least 10-16 tokens per visit. Feeding Tokens never expire. They are good any time, any day!

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For more information on how tokens elevate your SeaQuest trip, check out our blog, which is all about our feeding tokens.

Please note: SeaQuest tokens can be purchased in-store or on our website. Tokens are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. SeaQuest is not responsible for lost or stolen tokens, so please keep them secure.

What Animal Experiences Are Available at SeaQuest?

SeaQuest has 300 species of exotic land and sea creatures you can get up close and personal with. A fan favorite is our stingray and shark tank. You can also visit our magical bird aviary, parakeet paradise. 

Animal Exhibits vary by location, so we recommend contacting a SeaQuest near you to learn more about what that location offers. However, in most SeaQuest Aquariums, featured exhibits can include:

  • Asian Small-Clawed Otters
  • Sulcata Tortoise
  • Parrots 
  • Stingrays
  • Sloth
  • Sharks (Horn sharks, Nurse sharks and Blacktip Reef sharks)
  • Eels, coral, tropical fish, and other marine animals
  • Reptiles (including Pythons and other Lizards)
  • Birds/Aviaries (including Kookaburra and Parakeets)


Little boy admires stingrays at SeaQuest

What is a Standard interaction vs a Premium interaction?

Standard interactions include animals that require about 1-5 feeding tokens that consist of smaller animals like our fish, parakeets, chickens, reptiles, toucans, armadillos, etc. 

Our premium interaction animals are a little longer and include educational hand feedings with mammals like our two-toed sloth, Asian small-clawed otters, a porcupine, and our wallabies. Premium interactions could also include other unique experiences, such as our fishy kisses interaction, where you dip your feet in a tank of doctor fish, and our snorkeling sessions with our shark and stingray friends.

What is EpicQuest?

It’s the ultimate of the ultimate at SeaQuest: An epic journey through five continents, animal feedings, working as a zookeeper, and so much more! This three-hour EpicQuest will begin by taking you and your group on a guided safari adventure through five continents, where you’ll get to hand-feed animals in each area. You’ll learn about the Amazon rainforest, the Mayan Jungle, the Egyptian Desert, and so much more. From snakes and tortoises to exotic birds and a variety of shark species, you’ll meet so many amazing and magnificent creatures from around the globe. 

Snorkel in our Stingray Tank!

If you ever want to snorkel but can’t travel to a tropical island or beach, we have some tropical waters for you at SeaQuest! Snorkel in our Caribbean Cove 36,000-gallon exhibit! It is perfect for individuals who want a unique experience with our marine life that allows them to snorkel without needing any type of snorkel equipment or snorkel certification!  

Kids snorkel at SeaQuest

Our waters are approximately 70 to 76 degrees, where you can feed our stingrays and swim alongside our sharks and other tropical fish. Get ready to explore the underwater world in an immersive experience right in your backyard without the hassle of traveling.

What You’ll Need: 

  • A swimsuit, towel, and an extra shirt just in case a wetsuit in your size isn’t available.
  • Arrive 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled time. 
  • Guests must be able to swim 100 yards. Guests who are unable to swim are allowed to snorkel with a supervising adult and must bring a life jacket.
  • Advanced reservations are required for all participants for this attraction.


What We Provide:

  • A wetsuit and snorkeling gear.
  • 30 minutes of snorkel adventure time.
  • 15 minutes pre/post snorkel to change.


Reservations are required for all participants for this attraction. Guests must be able to swim 100 yards. Guests who cannot swim are allowed with a supervising adult and can bring and wear a life jacket.

Does SeaQuest Offer Field Trips? 

We sure do! Experience underwater life like never before at SeaQuest Interactive Zoo & Aquarium, the ultimate land and sea adventure!  SeaQuest offers various field trip options for schools designed to make learning fun and engaging. Students will interact with animals from all over the planet and learn about behind-the-scenes operations at SeaQuest! Age-specific Field Trip adventures are designed for learners of all ages. It’s a great field trip destination for students, parents, and teachers of any school age!

Elementary and middle school visitors will enjoy hands-on activities designed to test their observation and scientific reasoning skills. Teenage explorers will enjoy live bird demonstrations and learn about animal psychology, positive reinforcement as a training tool, symbiotic relationships, and the dangers of invasive species taking over specific wild habitats.

 A hands-on and interactive experience is fun and the best way to help build lasting emotional connections excitingly and memorably! Many zoos have strict policies prohibiting visitors from getting too close to the animals, but we actively encourage hands-on interaction at SeaQuest. This unique approach creates unforgettable moments, perfect for a memorable day, whether you’re on a fun date, enjoying a family outing, or seeking a new and exciting experience.

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Purchase Your SeaQuest Tickets Today!

What are you waiting for? If you’re ready to build lifelong memories, purchase passports for the whole family here! We hope to see you at SeaQuest soon!

Book your visit today at any of the following locations: Utah, Las Vegas, Dallas-Fort Worth, Sacramento, Minneapolis, Lynchburg, and New Jersey.


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