Why Feeding Tokens Elevate Your SeaQuest Experience!

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Young Boy Pets an Iguana at SeaQuest Zoo and Aquarium

SeaQuest has become a global leader in animal encounters! The ultimate land and sea adventure, SeaQuest offers a variety of experiences that educate and engage our guests, while creating memorable connections between humans and animals. 

When you visit SeaQuest, you will go on a journey throughout the world, encountering exotic and exciting creatures from multiple eco-zones such as the Mayan Jungle, Amazon Rainforest, Egyptian Desert, and Caribbean Cove. You will have the opportunity to actually interact with animals from every area. You’ll get to touch them, learn about their natural habitat and, of course, feed them!  The best way to experience this unique opportunity and completely immerse yourself in the animal world is by purchasing feeding tokens that allow you to have one-on-one feeding time with a variety of different species of creatures!

What Are SeaQuest Feeding Tokens Used For? 

Feeding tokens are used for feeding our animals or reserving a spot for an animal encounter! Feeding tokens aren’t a required purchase, but they will elevate your experience to a whole different level. One token equals about one cup of food. We offer various token packages and recommend purchasing at least 10-16 tokens per visit. Feeding Tokens never expire. They are good any time, any day!

Please note: SeaQuest tokens can be purchased in-store or on our website. Tokens are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. SeaQuest is not responsible for lost or stolen tokens, so please keep them secure.

What Animals Can I Feed at SeaQuest?

Animal encounters vary by location, so we recommend contacting a SeaQuest near you to learn more about what that location offers. However, in most facilities, featured exhibits include:

  • Asian Small-Clawed Otters
  • Capybaras
  • Kinkajou
  • Porcupine
  • Stingrays
  • Sloth
  • Sharks
  • Wallaby
  • Eels, coral, tropical fish, and other marine animals
  • Reptiles (including Pythons and other Lizards)
  • Birds/Aviaries (including Kookaburra and Parakeets)


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Will SeaQuest Feeding Tokens Actually Elevate Our Visit? 

When you arrive at SeaQuest, a Safari Team member will ask, “Have you been here before?” This is a great time to inquire about the feeding token process! While SeaQuest is one of the most “immersive” aquariums in the world, it is so much more unique in that almost everything can be touched and fed directly by all visitors! 

Our animal friends at SeaQuest eat a carefully monitored diet but still enjoy their snacks! That is where the tokens come in. Upon arrival, you will have the opportunity to purchase feeding tokens to enhance your visit to SeaQuest. These tokens can be used in any feeding machines near each exhibit. Look for the “Feed Me” sign and purchase snacks for animals throughout your journey. Different species have unique machines to provide our furry and scaly friends the healthiest snack possible. And trust us when we say – most of them LOVE to eat!  Many of our SeaQuest animals are friendly and don’t mind a stranger with a handful of yummy treats. Tokens can be used for feeding sharks, stingrays, parakeets, and so much more!  

Your feeding experience also allows our animal experts to educate and inform visitors about the animals and their home environment. You’re having fun feeding the furry or scaly friends and learning much more about the climate and habitat for each animal that now calls SeaQuest home. Keep in mind feeding tokens never expire! So you can stock up, hang onto them, and bring them back visit after visit! 

Where Can I Purchase SeaQuest Feeding Tokens? 

Ready to book your SeaQuest exploration? Time to set out on an adventure by visiting the website to find location hours, information, and ticket pricing. 

Here are a few options you’ll see available when you shop the online store:

  • SeaQuest Annual Pass: Yearly admission for one great price.
  • SeaQuest E-Gift Cards:  A perfect gift for your animal-loving family member.
  • Feeding Token Bundles: These allow you to feed the animals all day; they won’t mind!
  • General Admission Tickets: Available for Adults, Children, and Seniors.

SeaQuest is a unique and exhilarating journey and an experience your family will treasure forever!


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