Happy National Selfie Day!

Happy National Selfie Day!

It’s National Selfie Day and what better place to get your selfies than SeaQuest!

One great shellfie spot is with Marina the Mermaid! Marina loves to sing songs, tell stories, and has glitter tattoos, magical shells, and mermaid dolls available for purchase.

The aviaries are another fun selfie location at SeaQuest! Feel like a princess surrounded by birdies. Or if you are a Rio fan, pose with “all the birds of a feather”.

Reptiles, stingrays, and so many other animals will make your shelfies extra special this National Selfie Day!

Save $2 when you buy your tickets online and come join us for some family fun! SeaQuest is among the top things to do with kids all year long!


Denver’s Top 5 Family-Friendly Attractions

Denver’s Top 5 Family-Friendly Attractions

Looking for some cheap family activities in the Denver area to do with the kids this Summer?  Here are our top 5 family-friendly attractions for your summer adventures.

SeaQuest Littleton

Discover thousands of animals from 5 continents of the planet without ever getting on a flight.  Perfect for animal lovers of all ages, SeaQuest is an interactive aquarium in Littleton with hundreds of species from 5 continents and the primary vision of teaching conservation and sharing the joy and beauty of our planet with as many people as possible.  Go beyond the glass and immerse yourself in a world of discovery as you see, touch, feed, and interact with stingrays, sharks, fish, reptiles, birds, wallabies, and other exotic animals. Meet a mermaid, snorkel with stingrays, sleep with sharks, animal themed kids birthday party packages, and so much more!

Pirates Cove Water Park

Splash in to Pirates Cove for some cool Summer fun! Pirates Cove Water Park is Englewood’s Waterpark, offering a leisure pool with a large interactive play structure and 750 gallon dump bucket; a 25-meter, six-lane pool with drop slide and diving board; a 35-foot slide tower with three slides; a lazy river meandering around the park; beach area for sand castles and giving your friend a mermaid tail; a spray garden where water sprays and squirts from a variety of fun water sculptures; concessions and more for your summer fun.

Jumpoline Park

Looking for some exciting family fun or even a new way to exercise?  Jumpoline Park has something for everyone in the family to enjoy, offering a main trampoline jumping area with separate MegaJump and Kidz Kingdom sections for various ages, a foam pit with rock climbing walls, netted off areas for dodgeball, and much more! You can also check out fun arcade games, a photo studio, and trendy coffee/yogurt shop.  For the parents, Jumpoline offers Wi-Fi, a relaxing massage center, and comfortable seats for lounging while watching TV. Jumping on the trampolines burns around 600 to 1000 calories per hour, so everyone can work out while having extreme fun.

Epic Escape Game

Summer is the time to escape!  With 4 locations in the Denver area, Epic Escape Game is your home for escape room fun. Also known as puzzle rooms, Epic Escape Game is a fun interactive adventure game designed for everyone. You and your team will be locked in a room where you have 60 minutes to find clues, unlock puzzles and escape the room before your time is up. Play with your family, friends, or co-workers and see if you have what it takes to make an Epic Escape.  Each location has multiple escape rooms with different stories and difficulty levels. Can you escape them all?

Children’s Museum of Denver

As a non-profit, Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus works every day to open doors for our future leaders, innovators, and adventurers to explore, create, and learn – on their own terms.  The Children’s Museum of Denver is where children and their grown-ups learn by doing and turn their curiosity and imagination into reality. With one-of-a-kind interactive exhibits, a 500-foot long aerial adventure course, daily programs, outreach events, field trips, and year-round special events, there is always something to create, explore, discover, and learn about a variety of subjects!

SeaQuest Las Vegas Gives Visually Impaired Children the Opportunity to “see” the Animals

SeaQuest Las Vegas Gives Visually Impaired Children the Opportunity to “see” the Animals

SeaQuest Las Vegas recently had the privilege of hosting a field trip for the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation. Education is a huge part of our mission and moments like these make what we do that much more fun!

Being able to share our animal friends with their students with varying degrees of visual impairment is truly a magical experience. Offering a very unique tactile experience for everyone is what makes SeaQuest special and we’re proud to give everyone the experience to “see” by touching.

Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation provides the essential building blocks including extended educational curriculum, extracurricular activities, social opportunities, employment & life skills training programs, and transitional skills to children who are visually impaired.  Visual impairment is a diagnosis, not a disability.

Our Team Members’ Dedication to Animal Welfare

Our Team Members’ Dedication to Animal Welfare

Claire Binfield, one of our marine husbandry team members from SeaQuest Las Vegas, was awarded the 2019 Scholars Helping Collars scholarship for dedication to animal welfare and community service.

With a deep admiration and love for marine life, we are very inspired by her self-driven efforts at making a positive change in the lives of animals around the world.  From her Girl Scout days spent observing and studying sea turtles in Costa Rica and Panama to her experience with raising a Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy, Claire’s selflessness and eagerness for saving our oceans and its wildlife will continue throughout her college career and beyond as she fulfills her career goal to work in marine mammal rescue.

“Humans are harming the oceans and marine life. The oceans are key to maintaining balance on Earth and humans are quickly destroying many key features, such as coral reefs, crucial to maintaining this balance.  I plan to work to save our precious oceans and in sea rescue, helping marine animals that are hurt, caught in nets and oil spills, or stranded.”

Claire has always been intrigued by the oceans and marine life, a passion that has only become stronger with time.  She worked at SeaQuest Las Vegas as a volunteer intern for a year before being hired onto the marine team last June.  As part of the SeaQuest team, she loves working with and learning about all the fish and aquatic animals we have at the aquarium.  Her time at SeaQuest has significantly helped her in being accepted to college in the Marine program as well as multiple scholarship offers, including the Scholars Helping Collars award.

Because of her passion, she focused her Girl Scout travels around service work related to marine animals.  In 2014, Claire self-funded a 2-week Girl Scout Destination trip to Costa Rica and Panama to work with researchers on sea turtle preservation, during which she participated in nightly beach patrols to protect sea turtles while they laid eggs, cataloged nests, evaluated unhatched eggs, and helped release 100 hatchling sea turtles to the ocean. While in Panama, she even participated in a community service event for a local village.

Claire traveled on another Girl Scout Destination in 2015 to Texas for a 10-day Marine Science camp and participated in a community service project where they built and installed recycle containers at a local fishing pier for monofilament fishing line. Improperly discarded fishing line harms animals such as fish, sea turtles, aquatic birds, and dolphins. These animals can become entangled in or swallow the fishing line and hooks leading to serious injury or even death. Providing the recycle containers allows fishermen to responsibly dispose of their used lines and hooks keeping sea animals safe and our oceans clean.

Claire’s passion for animals and service to others also led her to becoming a volunteer puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind (GBD), a nonprofit providing free guide dogs to the visually impaired.  Raisers care for puppies 24/7 from 2-17 months of age, socializing and teaching obedience. Raising guide dogs opened Claire’s eyes to how service dogs change people’s life and their daily struggles, such as fake service dog encounters, which has become an increasingly serious problem.

“People buy ‘service dog’ vests online then others see these dogs misbehave in public, giving a bad name to real, properly trained service dogs. Businesses are becoming reluctant to allow real service dogs, significantly affecting people who depend on them. Many guide dogs are attacked by fake service dogs often resulting in forced retirement, severely limiting the visually impaired person’s life. Guide dogs provide increased mobility and independence for the visually impaired.”

Seeing other’s carelessness in taking independence from the visually impaired, Claire wanted to help and created a social media awareness campaign, “Octave’s Journey”, reaching 1,400 people across 15 countries, arranged TV and newspaper interviews, as well as providing schools and businesses with information about properly trained service dogs and ADA accessibility rights.  With her efforts and example set by her first GBD puppy, Octave, an increasing number of schools in her district are allowing GBD puppies in training on their campuses.   Once she has completed training her second GBD puppy, Claire will have dedicated 3 years and over 8,000 service hours to the visually impaired.

Having met and learned about amazing people going against the odds and doing things never expected of the visually impaired, Claire is inspired to never give up on her dreams, that anything is possible, and to no longer take what she has for granted. Octave’s Journey has helped Claire voice problems to the community, empowering her to make a difference, stand up for what she believes in, and go out of her comfort zone to help others.

While working part-time at SeaQuest, traveling for national games as a dedicated student-athlete, and volunteering as a GBD puppy raiser, Claire maintains a high GPA with AP honors classes.  Claire is excited to start the next stage of her life, accepting an offer to play volleyball for Mitchell College in the Fall of 2019 and will be majoring in Marine Biology.

“Attending Mitchell College will provide me with a career path to marine animal rescue through my coursework; research and dive opportunities with Dr. Ramsay, the Marine Biology Department head; and internship opportunities at Mystic Aquarium on their sea rescue team. My long-term goal is to complete a master’s degree in Marine Mammal Science at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.”

We are very proud of Claire and are so thankful that she decided to include SeaQuest as a part of her journey!

The News & Advance – SeaQuest Bringing Jobs and Family Fun to River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg

The News & Advance – SeaQuest Bringing Jobs and Family Fun to River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg

We’re excited to Bring SeaQuest to Lynchburg this Summer and to share knowledge of our planet’s amazing creatures with the community.  Thank you Rachel from The News & Advance, for writing a great review article on SeaQuest Lynchburg!

Read the article here…

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium planned for River Ridge mall in Lynchburg

Rachael Smith  |  Mar 12, 2019

An aquarium is planned to open in River Ridge mall by the end of the summer.

A 22,000-square-foot SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium will be built to the left of American Eagle Outfitters, where mall security, restrooms and administrative offices are currently located. Those offices and amenities will be moved to a new spot in the mall once construction begins.

Although about 12 local and state permits are required, construction is planned to begin this month.

The mall will be SeaQuest’s ninth location, with other aquariums in Utah, California, Nevada, Texas, Colorado and Connecticut. SeaQuest aquariums are alsounder construction in Florida, New Jersey and Minnesota.

Each is located in a mall or a lifestyle center and features reptiles, mammals, sharks, stingrays and more.

“River Ridge Mall and LU were significant factors in our decision,” SeaQuest CEO Vince Covino said Friday, referring to Liberty University, which owns River Ridge Mall JV LLC. “Our research also suggested the 100-mile radius was significantly underserved for family recreation.”

Each SeaQuest averages 12,000 to 15,000 visits monthly, or 144,000 to 180,000 visits annually.

The aquarium will be built by the LLC in conjunction with SeaQuest, which plans to hire 75 full and part-time employees.

Salaries will range from minimum wage to management salaries based on experience and expertise, said Craig Pettitt, vice president of retail real estate at Liberty University.

Liberty University has partnered with SeaQuest to bring it to Lynchburg — a smaller market, Pettitt said, but it is SeaQuest’s business to run. LU will partner with SeaQuest to generate awareness like it would with any other tenant in the mall.

He said the aquarium will be about a $5 million project.

“Providing we get cooperation from the city and vendors, we anticipate SeaQuest opening between August 1 and Labor Day,” he said.

Pettitt said he would not share the terms of the contract, but LU was impressed by it community-focused business model offering field trips and education and work alongside nonprofits.

The goal is for the aquarium to lead to new programming at the Liberty University but plans are not finalized.

SeaQuest partners with community-based organizations, university and nonprofits at all locations, Covino said.

“We hope to establish extensive volunteer and internship programs with LU as well as other local educational programs,” he said.

The admission fee will be about $15 for adults, and there also are membership passes.

Covino said his team works with local, county and state associations to ensure that all permits and regulations are met from pre-construction to operation of the facility, including animal guidelines.

He added the mall has plenty of parking, and due to the future location of the aquarium in the middle of the mall and its interior mall entrance, guests can park anywhere and have access to it.

“It will be a regional draw for sure,” he said. “Malls have to reinvent themselves, and this is just the first of many cool uses we plan to have there. It’s just the beginning. We have some really exciting plans for the two ends of the mall.”

It has been a challenge to get new stores in the mall, mainly because of the city’s population size and median incomes, Pettitt said. The goal is to add more uses like SeaQuest that are also a regional draw.

Covino said he expects SeaQuest to be the number one entertainment destination and tourist attraction in the area.

“One of the positive economic impacts is a boost for neighboring businesses,” he said.

LU still has plans to incorporate an outdoor component which will be at both ends of the property. SeaQuest will be in the middle of the enclosed area, which LU calls the future “Great Space.”

SeaQuest Field Trips are fun for all ages!

SeaQuest Field Trips are fun for all ages!


SeaQuest field trips are fun for all ages!  The Las Vegas Senior Tripsters visited SeaQuest Vegas yesterday for a field trip and had a lot of fun.

Las Vegas Senior Tripsters is a nonprofit group that specializes in senior-friendly travel via bus, plane, and ship, traveling all over the globe ever since they opened their doors in 1984.  The group is staffed by volunteers (all seniors) who plan and host approximately 50 trips per year for their about 800 members located throughout the Las Vegas Valley as well as in many states.

We’re glad that the Tripsters decided to make us part of their journey and make such fun memories with amazing animals!  Check out pictures of their trip below.


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