How Visiting a Hands-On Aquarium Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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Young girl feeds fish at SeaQuest Aquarium

Perhaps it’s the calm blue waters filled with vibrant coral reefs that produce a sense of serenity. Or maybe it’s the unique and fascinating sea creatures that welcome you with a friendly splash. Either way, visiting a hands-on aquarium can have numerous benefits for individuals seeking an alternative form of therapy. Besides the visual stimulation of watching colorful fish and exotic marine life, interactive aquariums also offer animal and water therapy through touch, and feel, interactions!

Water Therapy Alleviates Anxiety

It’s a post-pandemic world now, and the last number of years have plagued society with uncertainty, hardship, and social isolation. Many people are dealing with severe depression and poor mental health. Americans are reporting higher levels of anxiety and emotional distress. Fear and worry about family, friends, school, and a person’s livelihood can have an enormous impact on emotions, leaving adults and children feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty.

Humans are fixated on water. It makes us. It’s our DNA, literally. The earth is 70 percent water, it sustains us, animals, and the crops which feed us. Studies have found that individuals are more relaxed and calm when in the presence of it. Similarly, people have said that when the presence of green colors, like the outdoors, gives you the same sense of peace.

Whether you’re seeking some solace or just want to learn more about the diverse marine life that inhabits our waters, an interactive aquarium is the perfect place to explore.

Water Activities Are Calming

The calming effects of water therapy are greatly enhanced when you visit a hands-on aquarium. These environments provide a truly immersive experience. There are many people who claim when they are in the presence of a fish tank in a home or public aquarium, it can decrease anxiousness and reduce stress. We call it fish therapy!

Observing marine life in an aquarium, individuals’ blood pressure and heart rates can be lowered. Interestingly enough, researchers have learned that people who stared at an empty aquarium with rocks and plants only experienced a 3 percent decrease in heart rate. Add some fish and calming water and that 3 percent rose to 7.

A touch tank aquarium is an incredible way to experience the beauty and joy of marine life up close. This hands-on experience provides the unique opportunity to touch, hold, and even feed various sea creatures such as starfish, stingrays, and starfish. Beyond just being an exciting experience, a touch tank aquarium has several benefits for those looking to explore animal therapy and water therapy. Engaging with these friendly marine animals can boost mental health. This tactile experience of touching and holding these creatures can be a form of touch therapy.

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Animal Therapy Relieves Stress

Animal therapy is becoming more common and has increased in popularity, along with snake therapy and bird therapy. More specifically, the life of exotic creatures and marine life has spiked an interest in people, particularly kids.

Anxiety can be triggered when a person is overwhelmed with thoughts too heavy for the brain to process. Everyone experiences anxiety and stress a little differently. During times of high stress, engaging with animals is proven to be very therapeutic.

By surrounding yourself in nature or an underwater adventure escape, you are engaging in self-help. It’s a chance to let go of negative thoughts and to bring yourself in tune with the present that surrounds you. When you come nose to nose with an otter, pet a sloth, or swim with stingrays, you will instantly see and feel how therapeutic it really is! More and more, science continues to prove how beneficial it is for humans to interact with animals.

Hands-On Learning Uplifts Mood

Hands-on experiences at an aquarium offer an immersive way to learn about wildlife and conservation. Through interactive experiences with exotic animals, individuals can improve their memory and processing skills, as well as their social skills. Hands-on learning can be an effective and engaging way to learn new things about the world around us. Interacting with animals such as cats, horses, and bunnies has been shown to have psychological benefits, including improved mood and increased physical and mental health.

Visiting an aquarium isn’t just about admiring the stunning underwater worlds of the Earth’s oceans. It can also be an opportunity to engage in interactive learning that allows visitors to understand the complexities of marine ecosystems. Additionally, some aquariums feature animal interactions with mammal and reptile species, which can be also incredibly calming and therapeutic. Many people find that getting to know the creatures of land and sea can be a transformative experience.

So why not dive into the fascinating world of marine & wildlife and learn something new? You never know what experiences just might inspire you to make a difference in the world of conservation.

Visit a Hands-On Aquarium Today

Zoos and Aquariums have long been attributed to positive mental health and well-being. If you’re seeking a unique and therapeutic experience, visiting a hands-on aquarium might be just the ticket you need. As a form of animal therapy, aquariums have been shown to provide immense benefits to visitors of all ages. These types of facilities allow for up-close and personal animal interactions, which can foster feelings of joy and reduce stress levels in individuals.


Young boy watches fish in aquarium


SeaQuest is committed to protecting our world’s oceans, wildlife, and endangered animals. We focus on how to be proactive in finding solutions. To learn how you can book a trip for a hands-on adventure, visit SeaQuest today or stop by any of the following locations: UtahLas VegasDallas-Fort WorthDenverSacramentoMinneapolisLynchburgNew Jersey.

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