5 Fun Corporate Event Ideas in Ft. Worth

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Paddle boarding Corporate Retreat - SeaQuest

When it comes to building a thriving and successful business, the best investment you can make is developing a strong and solid team  It’s about creating trust and cooperation with each other. Getting your staff out of their comfort zones, trying new things, and collaborating with each other outside of the office is a fantastic way to show your team they are valued and appreciated. So why not plan something spectacular for them? The Dallas/Ft. Worth area has no shortage of amazing entertainment and event venues. Here’s a list of some of the most unique corporate retreat ideas around DFW for your team!

SeaQuest Ft. Worth

Dive in at SeaQuest Ft. Worth! The ultimate land and sea adventure, SeaQuest is home to the most unique and interactive experiences among Texas aquariums! You’ll get the chance to meet 1,200 different animals from 300 different species. Here, you’ll see more than just fish and sea creatures. Discover mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and amphibians from around the planet! This is a hands-on adventure, as visitors get to touch, feel, and feed animals from various habitats around the world.

You’ll journey through the Amazon Rainforest, Caribbean, Mayan Jungle, and Pirate Island as you interact with sharks, snakes, turtles, and lizards during your quest. Have you ever gotten to pet a Sloth? Visit the sloths at SeaQuest! They are down to hang out with your crew and will take any snack you have on hand.

SeaQuest is a great option for a special team-building event for your company or business! You can have some learning fun together and spend the day on a wild safari adventure with your business teammates. SeaQuest Ft. Worth can accommodate large groups with hundreds of guests, but they specialize in small-scale events, including corporate retreats, field trips, and family reunions!

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Bon Appetit

Grab the aprons, spatulas, and chef’s hats! The Cookery in Dallas offers cooking classes, which are a fun way to interact as a team and work in groups. Coworkers will enjoy a fun night of cooking and dining together. The Cookery provides a unique hands-on experience where you’ll create and dine on a delicious 3-4 course dinner!  There’s an engaging cooking instructor there to guide you step by step.  You will have the option to choose from one of the menus or customize a class to fit the theme of your event. It’s a perfect time for your crew to try something new together and take home recipes that they can create again. Down the road, give the team a chance to showcase their new cooking skills by hosting an office potluck – and everyone has to make a recipe from the class!

Chop It Down

Definitely a unique and outside-the-box suggestion, but one that has become highly popular: Axe-throwing! World Axe Games is an Interactive Full-Service Axe Entertainment Experience! Their Axe Pros will guide your group, provide training and stay with you for scoring and to help ensure an excellent and memorable experience for your group! Game boards can be changed instantaneously to keep everyone from newbies to skilled throwers players engaged, challenged, and having fun! In the end, your team will get to the Winner’s Circle where everyone can take social media pics which can be sent directly to you to commemorate your event. They have amazing packages for group events and team building.

The Great Escape

The Escape Game Grapevine is a great corporate event idea located at the Grapevine Hills Mall. This escape room experience offers 60 minutes of exciting and engaging games that will be a fun challenge for your group. Your team will select a scenario and will have one hour to complete your mission and escape. They have a variety of escape rooms to choose from, including a prison escape, a museum art heist, or a gold treasure hunt! These will test the limits of your team and build on skills to help your staff work together like never before. They can accommodate groups both small and large, depending on the size of your team.

Get Your Paint On

A more creative and colorful way to spend time with your teammates! An art or painting class together is the ultimate challenge to the mind and soul! Painting with a Twist in Dallas offers a variety of private events and team-building options to choose from. Your crew will have a studio all to yourselves and the undivided attention of an expert paint instructor. it’s a private space and all you need to laugh, drink, and have fun. They provide all the painting supplies such as brushes, paint, and canvases. All you need to do is bring your team, enough drinks to go around, and a healthy appetite for fun. No painting experience or skills are required!

There are so many choices when it comes to corporate retreat ideas, and Dallas and Ft. Worth offers a plethora of options. This list has some of the best of the best! From SeaQuest Ft. Worth, to escape rooms or art studios, we hope these ideas will help make your corporate event planning experience in DFW easy and simple!

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