A Petting Zoo Aquarium
Feeding Experience!

A Petting Zoo Aquarium
Feeding Experience!

Welcome To SeaQuest

A Petting Zoo Aquarium Feeding Experience!

Visit SeaQuest for an exciting journey around the planet! See thousands of animals from 5 continents of the planet, without ever getting on a flight.

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School with the Fishes!

SeaQuest’s all-new learning experience for kids: STEMQuest!

Set your kids up with a 10- week learning adventure at SeaQuest.

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“We came on a weekend in early May, and were expecting maybe a small aquarium experience, but wow, they have so many different fish and animals and it is a very interactive experience, you can feed almost anything and walk around watching them for hours! We especially enjoyed coatimundi, capybara, and the stingrays! The staff are very welcoming and friendly and will tell you about each animal. One of the keepers, Felicia, was kind enough to answer all kinds of our questions.  Highly recommend!”

Ollie G. … @ SeaQuest Las Vegas


“SeaQuest Las Vegas was so much fun! All I kept hear was “Woah Dad! Look at this!” Plus you can touch/feed a lot of different animals! I had to touch a Starfish, a Sting Ray, and a Turtle before B would touch the turtle. Then once she did, she had to do it 6 more times! Definitely recommend this place! And it was cheap! $12/Adult $10 kids 12 and under. Kids under 2 are free! Buy your tickets online prior to going to save a few bucks!”

Josh K. … @ SeaQuest Las Vegas


“Took my family here this past weekend and my son really enjoyed himself. Heck we all did. We got to feed the stingrays and the sharks which my son absolutely loved. Great experience for kids and adults alike!”

Annette C. G … @ SeaQuest Las Vegas


“So many well-staffed exhibits where they not only educate you about the animals, but allow you and your child to safely touch them as well! And I’m not talking about a fast pat, either. We got to really spend time with parakeets that landed on our heads, letting sting rays and tiny sharks suck pieces of fish from our hands, and other fun experiences. We loved it!”

Anna M. … @ SeaQuest Fort Worth


“Emily was a terrific guide through SeaQuest! She is extremely knowledgeable about the animals which made the experience even more enjoyable. I will definitely come back the next time I am in town!”

Matt D. … @ SeaQuest Littleton


“We had so much fun. The interactions made it so much better than just looking at fish in a tank. If we lived closer I could see getting the year long passport and going several times. The people doing the animal interactions were very nice too! I think the birds were our favorite part.”

Robert S. … @ SeaQuest Littleton


“SeaQuest was a treat for all of us (4 adults and a 4 year old) I think we had more fun than the 4 year old ??? The staff was amazing and super attentive?? Mahalo Dana for all the sea life knowledge n conversation!”

Tenille R. … @ SeaQuest Littleton


“It was a really really fun experience, the people there were knowledgeable, the place is breath taking. The animals are really well taken care off. You can definitely spend a full day there.”

Kevin C. … @ SeaQuest Fort Worth


“Really impressed how this turned out! We had a fabulous time and loved our trip to Sea Quest. We went on a weekend and there was about a 15 minute wait to get in. The staff was friendly, the exhibits were clean and well taken care of, the animals looked happy, and loved being able to see and feed them up close. Can’t wait to go visit again. There were a few birthday parties going on while we were there. There’s also some snorkeling “excursions” or “encounters” to check out.”

S.J. … @ SeaQuest Folsom


“What a great experience! Went to Sea-quest w my daughter and granddaughter who is 2 1/2. We loved it and the people working there were so knowledgeable especially a woman named Kathleen! If you go and have any questions she’s the one to ask. Very friendly and social, knew everything about the different species. My granddaughter especially loved feeding the fish and seeing the big tortoise! Sea-quest is a fantastic addition to Folsom and a fun thing to take your children to! My daughter got in free using her fire fighter ID. So if you are a first responder let them know and have your I.d. It’s free. Great day, great people and every animal had a big clean space to live”

Eileen B. … @ SeaQuest Fort Worth


“Hear about it online and finally went and checked it out, and all i can say is that it was amazing and very fun! I got to feed some different animals and i even got to touch a freaking starfish!! That was by far my highlight of the trip!”

Rebecca B. … @ SeaQuest Fort Worth


“Brought a 2 year old and it was a blast! You can feed and touch the animals, friendly and helpful staff! Breana, Riley and Brittney were so helpful and nice! Will definitely recommend and be back again soon!”

Delaney F. … @ SeaQuest Roseville


“Brought a 2 year old and it was a blast! You can feed and touch the animals, friendly and helpful staff! Breana, Riley and Brittney were so helpful and nice! Will definitely recommend and be back again soon!”

Delaney F. … @ SeaQuest Roseville


“This place is great! Some really awesome experiences and some really exceptional staff to help kids, and parents, really have fun. We interacted with a gentleman named Rick a few times and he really added a lot to our whole family’s morning at Sea Quest.”

Alex B. … @ SeaQuest Roseville


Meet our Friends

Read about the animals that call SeaQuest home.

Take a Video Tour

Get a preview of what it means to go on a Quest.

SeaQuest Cares

Learn about our community efforts and initiatives.

Know Before You Go …

Who is ready to travel the world with us?

When you visit another country you need a passport. At SeaQuest, a passport is a ticket to go on a safari and deep sea adventure from the comfort of a mall near you. Daily and Annual passports are available. Passports may be used at all locations. Purchase online or in store.

How do I feed the animals?
The animals at SeaQuest eat a carefully monitored diet, but usually leave room for dessert!

That’s where you come in.

When you arrive, you’ll have the option to buy feeding tokens. These feeding tokens can be used in vending machines to buy snacks for certain animals.

A staff member will assist you in sharing your snacks with the right animals!

Why do the feeding tokens cost so much money for so little food?
The pricing and quantities have been set to protect the animals from over-feeding. We appreciate your understanding and care.
Will I just see fish?
No, at SeaQuest you’ll see animals from land and sea. SeaQuest is home to over 1200 animals of 300 different species! Each SeaQuest location has different animals that may change from time to time. Expect to see stingrays, sharks, turtles, snakes, lizards, and birds.
How should I pack for this trip?
Be prepared for some bird poop and some splashing!
Most of our facilities have aviaries or bird homes. The birds might sit on your head, shoulders, arms, legs, and even jump near your shoes.

Since you can touch fish, stingrays, sharks and other sea animals at SeaQuest, you may get wet from some splashing!

How can I be kind to the animals?
  • Listen to the SeaQuest team members for instructions
  • Use a two-finger touch to pet from the neck down their back
  • Be patient with the animals’ schedules. All of our mammals have access to their own private space away from guests. If an animal is not visible, they are probably taking a quiet nap!
  • Remember that SeaQuest is the home of our animals. We are all guests in their homes. They appreciate our respect and curiosity!