25 Fun Summer Break Activities for Kids


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Kid Snorkels with Stingrays in Aquarium

School’s out for summer! As kids celebrate the end of another school year, the excitement for summer break grows. After a long year of textbooks and tests, everyone’s schedule may have been so exhausting. So now it’s time for summer – the time for some relaxing, exciting, and intriguing activities!  There’s no better time to plan fun adventures for the kids and things that they can do to fill the long summer days. We’ve got just the list for you! Here is a guide to some fun and unique summer break activities to do – for the kids and the entire family!

Get Out and Explore

Take advantage of the amazing weather and long sunny days! Get out and explore the world around you, or take in a historical site in your area.

  • Birdie See, Birdie Do! Go bird watching with the family. Make sure to snap photos of your flying friends so you can look them up in a bird guidebook.
  • Take a Hike: No, we mean it! Visit your favorite route near your house or drive up to a distant park or monument site.
  • Learn from History: A trip to a nearby historical site or farm is a great way for kids to still keep their learning skills up while observing how different things must have been “back then.”
  • Bike Rides: Most kids are probably still avid bike riders. Make a family activity out of it and do a weekly bike ride together.
  • Climb Trees! Considering that safety comes first, this activity is great for older kids eager to stretch their legs and get a better view.


Activities for Artists

Whether is crafts, painting, or baking, these artsy activities are sure to keep your kids entertained all summer long!

  • Paint a Mural: This can be a tribute to a fun summer this year. If you have a blank wall in a room, basement, or garage and don’t mind some “color” create a family mural. Have everyone contribute over the summer, maybe highlighting a special moment or day you all shared.
  • Flowers after Showers: Spring has come and gone, so this summer have the kids pick out some of their favorite spring flowers and create pressed flower pictures. There are a few different ways you can learn this process.
  • Color Your Walkways: With Chalk, of course! Use regular sidewalk chalk and design a plethora of artwork to display on your driveway or walkway. It will be a great gift to the neighborhood!
  • Make a Rock Garden: Go on an excursion to collect rocks and then paint them. Kids can have fun naming all of their new pet rocks. Or decorate the family garden with them.
  • The Pizza Challenge: This is a great way to get the whole family or a big group of friends involved. First, try making your own pizza dough. Then create and bake your pizzas. Kids can help shred cheese and chop veggies for toppings. Now make it a taste test competition. Like a chili cook-off, whoever makes the best-tasting pizza wins!


Fun for STEM Kids 

Take learning to new heights indoors or outside with these STEM Activities! Nothing makes learning more exciting for kids than knowing there’s some fun behind every lesson!

  • Make a Bird Feeder: Incorporate mathematical and building skills into this project! Then add some birdseed and watch the feathered friends stop for a snack.
  • Kite Flying: Make a kite or buy a kite, and spend some time in the sunshine as you let your colorful kite fly in the open air.
  • Skips and Stones: Teach your kids the art and science behind skipping stones. A walk and or bike ride to a local pond or stream will add to the fun activity.
  • Blast Off Some Bottle Rockets: Create and build your own Bottle rockets. This activity uses chemistry skills to design the best high flyer. You can even plan family or neighborhood competitions.
  • Visit a Local Zoo or SeaQuest Aquarium: It’s a great activity to get kids out of the house, and the educational benefits are endless! The whole family can participate in learning about animals, conservation, and the environment.


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Go Local 

If you plan to stay local this summer, there are always some neat staycation options to explore. It’s the perfect time to showcase your home area to friends or family visiting from out of town!

  • Hit All the Sales: Visit a local flea market or go garage sale. Challenge kids to find the best bargains on items they may want to buy with that allowance money.
  • Farm Fresh to Your Door: Visit the nearby Farmers market! Bring a shopping list for the kids and see if they can find all the ingredients to make a sweet summer snack or dessert!
  • Day Trip Road Trip: Research new towns or cities that are a short drive from your home. Explore their sites and lunch at one of their local restaurants.
  • Picnic Lunch in the Park: Everyone has a favorite local park or playground they frequently visit. Pack some of the kid’s favorite lunch treats and picnic on the grass.  Some parks offer free summer concerts or movie nights in the park too!
  • Movie Time at the Drive-In: Every kid should experience this nostalgic adventure! Search your local area for a Drive-In nearby. Or if you’re traveling, look for one near your vacation spot.


Fun in the Sun!

Fun in the sun isn’t always about going to the beach or swimming. Here are some other “In the Sun” options for kids this summer.

  • Build and Obstacle Course: Kids will not only use basic science skills to design it just right, but this gives them a chance to burn off some energy and stay active. Make sure you have safety measures in place, of course!
  • Go Fish! You can’t go wrong with this classic outdoor activity. In some states, children can fish without a license or look up when there are free fishing days in your area.
  • Go Big with Mini Golf: Check out a nearby mini-golf course or family fun center. Or, to be more innovative and build your own course on a driveway, back patio, or dirt lot!
  • Backyard Campout: Bring out the sleeping bags, roasting sticks and pitch a tent in your own backyard! The whole family can even sleep under the stars.
  • Go for a Treasure Hunt: You can go small and create your own treasure hunt on your own property or maybe around your neighborhood. Kids can even do a photo scavenger hunt. Using their phones or disposable cameras, make them work off the list to collect the picture shots!

Remember that these summer break ideas aren’t just for kids! Many of these activities are fun for the whole family to join in and share. These are just a few of our favorite fun adventures kids can have on summer vacation. Hopefully, this guide will help your family build wonderful memories for years to come.

~Kristy Lussier

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