A Sloth’s Journey - Part THREE


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A Sloth's Journey - Part THREE

Read the conclusion of the story about Perry and new baby Sydney!  

Perry is now able to crawl around…

It’s been a few weeks since the feeding tube was removed and Perry the sloth is thriving! She has regained strength and energy, allowing her to eat better and get great exercise. Though she is not nearly as graceful as before, she can flop her arms and limbs over the bar or branches, showing her willingness to climb again.  Last week, for the first time since she got sick, she was able to scratch her head with her foot successfully! We are seeing Perry improve a bit more with each passing day. Getting regular practice at her jungle gym at Dr. Ford’s house, she is more eager to play and crawl outside. Though she is not able to climb trees solely on her own, with extensive therapy we anticipate she could be back to normal in due time.

Perry shines her bright eyes to the camera as Baby Sydney snuggles up

Baby Sydney is a happy, healthy little guy…

With so much concern surrounding Perry and her health condition, it was natural for all of us to worry if baby Sydney would be okay. All new babies crave the nurture and care of their mom, but because Perry had been unable to give full attention to Sydney, we were concerned about how that would affect Sydney’s own growth and progress. However, he has never had any issues! Not only has he been surrounded with oodles of love from the staff and the medical team, but Dr. Ford also made sure that Sydney got plenty of one on one time with Mom whenever they had the chance!  He became very attached to Dr. Ford and her husband while living with them, and was spoiled with lots of toys and treats during mom Perry’s recovery.  

Baby Sydney plays with his new stuffed toy

Perry is doing great with her water therapy!

A few weeks ago, Perry began her water therapy sessions at the Sierra Ranch Pet Rehab center in Roseville, California. We made sure to make a special trip to Folsom just to be there for Perry’s first appointment and we were joined by the film crew for our new reality TV show Fishy Bidness! Set to premiere Friday, November 10th on YouTube, Fishy Bidness! Got to see all of Perry’s recovery.  Perry did great! The staff at the rehab center did a thorough evaluation of her case and created a custom therapy plan for Perry. These sessions have helped Perry improve both mobility and muscle movement. Now that Perry is on the path to a full recovery, she and Sydney have been able to return to her SeaQuest home exhibit, where she will get to visit with guests and visitors again very soon!  Visit the SeaQuest Folsom website  for times and availability to have a special encounter with Perry and baby Sydney!

Perry in her water therapy session at Sierra Ranch Pet Rehab Center in Roseville, CA

Stay Tuned for the Exclusive story on Perry and Sydney!

Our new reality show Fishy Bidness! Will feature a three-part series on Perry’s journey. Make sure to follow our SeaQuest Folsom Facebook page for updates on series news and episode premieres. 

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