Dallas Aquariums: SeaQuest Ft. Worth vs. Sea Life Grapevine


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Young child admires stingrays in an aquarium tank

Are you looking for a new, fun family activity? Learning about nature can be exciting! Visiting Dallas aquariums is an excellent way for your family to spend the day together and create a memory all of you will cherish! Two destinations top the list of Dallas aquariums to visit with kids: SeaQuest Ft. Worth and Sea Life Grapevine. Kids can interact with animals from the ocean and more and maybe even learn something new. Though both aquariums have many things in common, SeaQuest offers animal encounters that take your “Voyage to the Sea” above and beyond!

SeaQuest Ft. Worth

SeaQuest Ft. Worth is the ultimate land and sea adventure and is home to some of the most unique and interactive experiences among Texas aquariums! Here, you’ll see more than just fish and sea creatures. Discover mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and amphibians from around the planet! This is a hands-on adventure, as visitors get to touch, feel, and feed animals from a variety of habitats around the world.

You’ll journey through the Amazon Rainforest, Caribbean, Mayan Jungle, and Pirate Island as you interact with sharks, snakes, turtles, and lizards during your quest. Are you a fan of sloths? Come hang with “Flash” the Sloth! SeaQuest Ft. Worth offers one of the very few sloth encounters in Texas. You’ll get to feed him directly and pet him while snapping some “flashy” selfies.

Looking to host a birthday party or private event? Look no further than SeaQuest Ft. Worth! They offer a variety of birthday packages where kids can even take a selfie with Marina the Mermaid or meet the pirate Captain Quest!

The SeaQuest Bay Theater and Event room can be transformed to suit the needs of any group scenario, from retirement parties to family reunions and more. Sea Life Grapevine is currently not offering birthday party bookings at this time.

Interactive Experiences

What sets SeaQuest apart from Sea Life is that they offer a number of exciting encounters that allow guests to have a one-on-one interaction with animals. Visitors are invited and encouraged to have an up close and personal experience with the animals. You’ll be able to touch the animals and directly hand-feed them treats! You’ll also learn about protecting endangered animals and the conservation of the planet.

Special Activities

•         Asian Otter Interaction: Meet Chip and Dale! During your time to feed the otters, you’ll get an educational overview of the otter species and habitat, then participate in an informational Q&A on how you can help save the otters in the wild!

•         Sloth Interaction: Hang out with Flash the Sloth while learning all about him. You get to feed, pet, and touch the sloth in this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Be sure to bring your camera for a selfie during your hand-feeding session.

•         Fishy Kisses: Dip your feet into a fish tank that gently ” kisses” your toes, removing dead skin cells in the process.

•         Snorkel With Stingrays: Splash on in with Seaquest! Bring your suit and towel and jump in the water with a variety of rays, tropical fish, and non-threatening sharks for an ultimate up-close animal experience.

When it comes to all-around family fun interacting with the animals, SeaQuest Ft. Worth is second to none. From the moment you enter the doors, you’ll feel transported to different parts of the world! You’ll see reptiles native to the Egyptian Desert and maybe even hold a snake! Journey through Parakeet Paradise while you watch the beautiful green birds perched on their ropes and ledges. Feed lettuce to iguanas at Iguana Nirvana as a SeaQuest “Animal Whisperer” shows you how to pet them and informs you about their rainforest habitat.

Buy One Get One Free at SeaQuest

Sea Life Grapevine

Located inside Grapevine Mills, you can see all forms of sea life, from starfish to seahorses and sharks to jellyfish! Over 30 displays house thousands of sea creatures, featuring exotic saltwater and native freshwater sea life. Visitors can learn firsthand what it’s like to rescue sea turtles in the Sea Turtle Rescue Center or attends talks and feeds of animals. There’s even a special behind-the-scenes tour for an additional cost.

Special Highlights in the Aquarium

  • Ocean Tunnel: Take a stroll under the sea as you pass through an underwater ocean tunnel. Shoals of glittering fish flutter the waters while sharks, rays, and green sea turtles glide slowly over your head!

  • Sting Ray Bay: Discover a variety of species and be mesmerized by the happy and smiley rays. You don’t get to swim with stingrays or feed them like the SeaQuest encounter, but it’s still fun.

  • Interactive Rock Pool: Rockpools are made from water left behind when the tide goes out. Many different creatures live in these shallow pools – they all need to be tough to adapt to different temperatures and waves crashing over them! Dip your hand in the touch pool to feel the life in these warm waters.

  • Rainforest Exhibit: Enter the mysterious world of the rainforest where unique creatures lie hidden around every turn. Or venture through the Piranha Tunnel! While you don’t get to feed or touch most of the animals as you do at SeaQuest, it’s still a neat afternoon jungle adventure.

Sea Life Grapevine is a fun and educational attraction that is definitely geared toward children but has less interactive experiences than SeaQuest. Sea Life Aquarium is more focused on observation-only exhibits. In contrast, SeaQuest Ft. Worth offers amazing animal interaction encounters that provide that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! While feeding the animals is probably the highlight, guests can also enjoy touching and holding some of these amazing creatures under the watchful care of SeaQuest’s animal experts.

What’s the Best Aquarium in Dallas? SeaQuest!

Sea Life may be home to Texas’ only 360-degree ocean tunnel, but it’s not the only place where you and your family can get up close and personal with aquatic animals and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences. In fact, many visitors find that SeaQuest Ft. Worth has much more to offer, particularly for kids.

Sea Life offers a variety of membership packages but the value membership is restricted to Monday – Friday visits only, as well as no entrance on blackout dates. There’s an option to upgrade to a premium member pass, but that runs $72 per person. SeaQuest Ft. Worth annual pass is only $49.99 per person and includes feeding tokens and discounts on gift shop items, plus more. SeaQuest allows for online booking options or simply walk right into the Guest welcome counter for tickets!

Dallas has a variety of aquarium options to choose from that will bring the adventure of a lifetime for your family! For the BEST animal interactions in the state, check out the SeaQuest Ft. Worth website. You can book your special encounter today!


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