Fathers Day Gift Guide


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Dad always puts the family first. Many fathers work hard to provide support, encouragement, and wisdom when you need it the most. Now it’s time to let the “dad” in your life know just how much he means to you on Father’s Day. Maybe he’s the type who always buys what he wants, or you’re struggling to come up with the best and most unique gift for him, finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be a challenge. Don’t stress though! There are a variety of options out there to explore. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for a new dad, stepfather, grandpa, or any father figure in your life, we’ve put together a Father’s Day gift guide that can work for every kind of personality and at every budget!

Give Dad a “Dad’s Day Out”  

Dads play an important and active role in everyday work and household duties. They strive to ensure their families’ health, success, and happiness. But just as moms need a break every now and then, Dad also needs to take a break too! In order to give the dad in your life a great “day out” consider what are some of your dad’s favorite activities. Maybe he has a lot of hobbies, likes sports or loves to travel. Give Dad a gift he values – his time away to enjoy some of his favorite activities!

  • Send Dad to His Favorite Sports Event:

No matter his sport of choice, maybe you have a sports-loving dad in the family. Find a game that he can attend! Maybe he can have a day out with the guys, or make it a family affair. Either way, Dad will still appreciate that a game’s still a game, no matter where it’s played!

  • Get Dad Concert Tickets:

Snag some tix to his favorite band or musician! Give Dad a fun and music-filled night with him and some of his friends!

  • Let Dad Hit the Greens!

Is your Dad into Golf? Let him show off his stroke while he hones on his golf skills for the day!  Throw in a gift card so he can hit a nearby restaurant to grab some bites and drinks.

Take Dad on an Outdoor Adventure

Get out and smell the fresh air together! Here are some ways you can celebrate and spend time with the father in your life all while enjoying the great outdoors.

  • Pack a Picnic Lunch & Visit the Park: Fix up a lunch of your Dad’s favorite foods and enjoy a picnic outside in your local park! Or you can always stay closer to home and eat on a picnic blanket in your own backyard.
  • Get Some Bike Time In! Go for a long family bike ride. Explore some new destinations and stop by a local shop for some Ice-Cream or Snowcones!
  • Go For a Hike! A fun group hike is a great way to get outside with the family! Play a fun game of bird spotting or “I Spy” and snap lots of fun selfies to share on social media!
  • Pitch a Tent and Go Camping: June is the perfect time to camp out under the stars! Roast marshmallows and tell stories around the campfire. Maybe Dad can teach the family to fish for their dinner!

The Best Time is Quality Time

Maybe Dad just wants to spend time with the family and do fun, relaxing activities. Or, is Dad a go-getter and loves to do chores? Either way gift your Dad with affection or acts of service, just to say “We Appreciate You!” Consider these unique ways to get some time in with Dad on Father’s Day.

  • Catch a Flick at the Local Theater:  It’s Dad’s choice this time! Snatch up all of Dad’s favorite concession snacks and watch a new movie together!
  • Visit a SeaQuest Aquarium Near You: Is your Dad into nature and wildlife? This family adventure will be remembered for years to come! With over ten locations across the US, SeaQuest is one of the most unique and thrilling places you’ll ever visit! The ultimate land and sea adventure, SeaQuest Aquariums offer hands-on encounters that let you connect with animals and wildlife from around the globe! Give Dad a one-of-a-kind experience with an animal encounter of their choice! Whether it’s hand-feeding birds, petting the iguanas, or snuggling with a sloth, it will be a Father’s Day to remember! The whole family can even snorkel with stingrays together! They provide everything you need; from the wetsuit, snorkeling gear, and rays of all sizes.
  • Help Dad with Yard Work: Gather the family and help Dad outside with the outdoor chores. This is a great gift for Dad while getting some fresh air and lots of sunshine. Help weed the garden, clean up the backyard, or organize the garage.
  • Hit the Racetrack or Family Fun Center:  Does Dad have the need for speed? Take him to the Go-Kart racetrack. Challenge good ol’ Dad to a race to the finish! Or try Indoor Laser tag. It’s fun for all ages and will be a great way to get the whole family involved.

With so many unique and fun ideas to choose from, it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect gift for the father figure in your life. Make sure to express to Dad how much they meant to you and celebrate Fathers Day in a memorable way!

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