Field Trip Ideas in Virginia


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It’s that time of the fall as students are headed back to the classroom! By now, teachers are busy making lesson plans and mapping out educational activities for their new flock of learners. Field trips are an important part of the school year learning and teachers of elementary through high school students are always looking for new ideas. Virginia is a state rich with amazing history and learning opportunities, so now is the time to get those field trips booked for the fall and winter semesters. From aquariums and museums to famous historic sites, this quick list of field trip ideas in the state of Virginia will be a helpful resource for teachers and school administrators!

Outdoor Field Trip Ideas

A Place of Rest: Arlington Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery represents the American people for past, present, and future generations by laying to rest those who have served our nation with dignity and honor while immersing guests in the cemetery’s living history. Students can discover the diverse history of the United States while learning about the origins of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier or hearing firsthand accounts of the Spanish-American War from individuals buried at Arlington. You can also explore local and national African American history, from the Civil War through the civil rights movement.

History 101: Booker T. Washington National Monument

The Booker T. Washington National Monument is located about one hour west of Lynchburg. Booker T. Washington was born a slave in April 1856 on the 207-acre farm of James Burroughs. After the Civil War, Washington became the first principal of Tuskegee Normal and Industrial School. He later became an adviser to several presidents and was a world-renowned author and orator. His works and philosophies are some of the most influential of African American culture known in history. Field trip groups can book guided tours in advance. This is a great field trip option to have a day of history education on the itinerary.

Holy Cow!  Bergey’s Dairy Farm

Located 30 minutes south of Norfolk, Bergey’s Barnyard & Dairy Farm offers a fun and unique experience to hang out with farm animals on a working farm! Kids can hold new piglets and baby bunnies, feed a goat, or stroll around with one of the friendly farm cats. It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure to bond with some outdoor animals. All field trip groups get admission to the petting zoo,  a tractor-pulled hayride, &  a scoop of Bergey’s Breadbasket Ice cream!

Indoor Field Trip Ideas 

Dive In! SeaQuest Lynchburg

Experience underwater life like never before at SeaQuest Lynchburg the ultimate land and sea adventure!  SeaQuest offers a wide variety of field trip options for schools, designed to make learning fun and engaging. Students will interact with animals from all over the planet and learn about behind-the-scenes operations at SeaQuest! Age-specific Field Trip adventures are designed for learners of all ages. It’s a great field trip destination for students, parents, and teachers in the Atlanta area.Excited kid holds marine life at SeaQuestKids Pet Stingrays in Aquarium Tank

It’s a Kid Thing: Children’s Museum of Richmond

A field trip to the Children’s Museum of Richmond isn’t just fun, It’s an opportunity for students to learn in small group settings and have tons of fun together! The children’s museum offers educational programs designed for preschools, elementary schools, daycares, and homeschool groups. These programs are designed to inspire and engage students through hands-on activities, literacy, and art components.

Make Some Space: Virginia Air & Space Science Center

Located in Hampton, Virginia, it’s the birthplace of America’s space program! The Virginia Air & Space Science Center features interactive aviation exhibits spanning 100 years of flight, more than 30 historic aircraft, a hands-on space exploration gallery, unique space flight artifacts, and more! The Center is home to the Apollo 12 Command Module and the Orion PA-1 Test Vehicle. They offer really great field trip rates at discounted admission for groups of 10 or more.

Virginia has a wonderfully vast list of field trip options to choose from, with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that can fit in any semester of the school year. There are a number of amazing, fun, and educational experiences out there when it comes to school field trips in Georgia. This list has some of the best of the best! I SeaQuest Lynchburg and historic museums are just a few of the great suggestions to make a classroom learning experience feel like the trip of a lifetime!

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