The Best Birthday Party Places in Virginia!

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Kids eat Cake at Birthday Party

Getting ready to plan the next birthday party for the kid in your life? Virginia has a wonderful and vast list of options for birthday party locations!  There are plenty of indoor and outdoor choices for any season, so here’s a list of some of the best of the best birthday party ideas that will make your child’s day unforgettable!

Dive In for Adventure! SeaQuest Lynchburg

Experience underwater life like never before at SeaQuest Lynchburg, the ultimate land and sea adventure!  SeaQuest offers a wide variety of birthday party options designed to make your child’s special day unforgettable! Kids will interact with animals from all over the planet and learn about behind-the-scenes operations at SeaQuest!

They provide the ultimate birthday experience, including a gift for the birthday child, goodie bags for every attendee, and a memorable encounter with an animal of the birthday child’s choosing. Host an unforgettable birthday by contacting SeaQuest Lynchburg today!

25% OFF Birthdays At SeaQuest

Children’s Museum: Richmond

A birthday party at the Children’s Museum of Richmond isn’t just unique, It’s an opportunity for kids to learn in small group settings and have tons of fun together! The children’s museum offers birthday party packages designed for kids of all ages. These packages include hands-on activities and custom tours.

Rise Up Climbing: Lynchburg

Rise Up Climbing is a unique fitness experience that provides thrills, fun, and excitement for guests of all ages! It’s a premier indoor climbing facility with 40′ tall walls, bouldering with top outs, and an extensive instruction program for beginner to advanced, kids and adults. They offer group and party options where staff is personally reserved to help guide and belay the kids in your own group for 90 minutes, then 30 minutes of private party time is all yours in their party overlook space! It definitely makes for a thrilling birthday party event!

Virginia Air & Space Science Center: Hampton

Located in Hampton, Virginia, it’s the birthplace of America’s space program! The Virginia Air & Space Science Center features interactive aviation exhibits spanning 100 years of flight, more than 30 historic aircraft, a hands-on space exploration gallery, unique space flight artifacts, and more! The Center is home to the Apollo 12 Command Module and the Orion PA-1 Test Vehicle. They offer really great field birthday party packages that help celebrate your child’s special day with science, math, and tech! There’s also an option to add an IMAX theater experience to your package!

Bounce About: Lynchburg

Located inside the River Ridge Mall, Bounce About is a place where kids can burn some energy indoors while you sit back and relax!  Bounce About offers a number of bouncers, slides, and play stations for children of all ages to enjoy. There is also a  designated toddler play area for the littlest ones in the family, so no one is left out. Parents can rest in massage chairs while the kids bounce around and light refreshments are available to purchase. All birthday party packages include an all-day play pass for up to 13 bouncers (party guests), a dedicated party host, a private & festive party room, a solid color tablecloth, plates, napkins, utensils, and drinks for each of the bouncers. Each Guest of Honor will get a spin on the prize wheel and they can also open presents while seated on the inflatable throne!

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