5 Indoor Winter Date Ideas in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

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During the colder winter months, it can be challenging to find ideas for a great date night. However, planning the perfect Indoor date night can make for the coziest type of night!  These activities are ideal for double dates or group dates as well, and can make the best out of the frigid weather. Here are some fun options for winter indoor dates!

Mini Golf

Play mini golf with a fun twist in an indoor facility! The Can Can Wonderful is a bright and colorful course with 18 holes designed for creative minds, welders, and other engineers around the Minneapolis area. They also have a variety of exciting arcade games and some great options for food and drink.

Ice Skating 

Glide hand in hand on ice for your next date night at the Parade Ice Garden!  The wintering atmosphere of ice skating can create quite a memorable experience for any couple. Whether you’re a novice skater or more experienced, the versatility of this date idea allows you to tailor the experience to your comfort level and preferences. They also have open adult hockey if you are looking for more than your typical skating session.

SeaQuest Roseville

It’s the perfect indoor couple or group date — SeaQuest Roseville at the Rosedale Center. There is something for every type of animal lover of any age! You will experience over 300 exotic land and sea animals you can feed, touch, and interact with up close. Book a couples snorkel – a fun indoor winter activity – or try our DuoQuest Adventure! A safari trip for two that lets you explore all SeaQuest has to offer! 


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Indoor Sports Event

If you’re a basketball fan, the Minnesota Timberwolves play their home games at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis.  If you’re not a big basketball fan, indoor soccer leagues and tournaments are often held at sports complexes and indoor facilities in and around Minneapolis. Check out places like the National Sports Center in Blaine or the Ultimate Soccer Arenas in Minneapolis.

Staycation as a Spa Day!

This is a great idea for a quick getaway without traveling too far. Plan a spa day – a perfect day for couples’ relaxation. This is a great list of spas in Minneapolis and St. Paul that offer some wonderful options for couples spa day/night options!

Indoor date nights can create some more core memories and provide valuable bonding time for you and your significant other. These indoor date ideas will be sure to reconnect you and your loved one for quality time. This will help rekindle a better friendship and a stronger foundation for your partner and yourself!

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SeaQuest is committed to protecting our world’s oceans, wildlife, and endangered animals. We focus on how to be proactive in finding solutions. To learn how your family can purchase yearly memberships for fun family adventures, visit SeaQuest today or stop by any of the following locations: Utah, Las Vegas, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Sacramento, Minneapolis, Lynchburg, and New Jersey.

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