14 Fun Things To Do in Atlanta With Kids

A gem of the South, Atlanta is known for its rich history, trendy restaurants and thriving bar scene. It’s no wonder that thousands of people flock to “Hot-Lanta” every year to take advantage of all the sprawling metropolis has to offer. If a visit to Atlanta is in your family’s future, though, you may be…

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SeaQuest’s Guide to Otters

Otters are one of the most fascinating and charismatic marine mammal species. Charming, outgoing, and intelligent, here’s a comprehensive guide to otters and how you can learn more at SeaQuest about these fun and unique animal friends.   What is an Otter? A carnivorous mammal, otters are part of the Mustelids family and in the Lutrinae…

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SeaQuest Sloth

SeaQuest’s Ultimate Guide to Sloths

What is a Sloth? One of the most unique and fascinating creatures on our planet, the sloth has grown in popularity as a “favorite” among animal lovers and SeaQuest visitors. The sloth has a scientific classification in the order Pilosa. They are tree-dwelling mammals that are known for their slow movement and can mostly be…

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